‘RV Cooking Show’ Goes Gourmet with Celebrity Guest Chef

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Evanne Schmarder of the "RV Cooking Show" and Chef Giorgio Curti at the Flying Flags RV Resort park model cottage ready to serve the barrata arugula citronella salad.

Editor’s Note: Following are excerpts from a news release promoting the latest episode in a series of “RV Cooking Show” productions staged at Flying Flaggs RV Resort in Buellton, Calif.

This Gourmet Guests at Flying Flags RV Resort – episode 6 in the Food, Fun & Friends series – is all about cooking. Watch us make three Italy-inspired dishes from Trattoria Grappolo’s Chef Giorgio Curti. Yes, it’s that good!

Italian food has become standard fare here in America. It seems everywhere you visit you’ll find Olive Garden or even a Pizza Hut. But look a little harder and you’ll discover establishments serving delicious, authentic, makes-magic-in-your-mouth Italian with recipes passed down from generation to generation. That’s exactly what I found during my stay at Flying Flags RV Resort in Buellton, Calif.

In fact, I was looking for a celebrity chef to film a show with me. Luckily for all of us, the resort’s manager, Dan Baumann, is a bona fide foodie and had just the man for me – Chef Giorgio Curti of the famous Santa Ynez eatery Trattoria Grappolo.

Upon hearing the news, I did what every fun-loving “RV Cooking Show” host would do – planned a party!! But instead of filming in Studio A (our Jayco 5-er) Dan graciously offered a big, beautiful park model cottage. Nice!

In this episode – Gourmet Guests – you’ll enjoy the fruits of our labor. Chef Giorgio prepares three absolutely amazing dishes for us: a seafood pasta, grilled sliced beef with arugula and a burrata citronella salad. Amazing! And don’t shy away, they only sound fancy and complex. Chef Giorgio specializes in easy and elegant. He made these terrific dishes “rustic” in honor of our outdoor lifestyle. Served up with some fine Santa Barbara County wine – Mosby Dolcetto for one – it was a fabulous feast.

You, too, can create these Italy-inspired recipes. The ingredients can be found at your local grocery and the results are simply spectacular. Go ahead, print a couple copies of the recipes and plan your own al fresco afternoon… there’s a little gourmet in all of us.

One more episode to go in this series. I hope you are enjoying watching them as much I am enjoying making them! Drop me a line and let me know what you think. I love hearing from you.


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