RVer Dreads Daily Power Outage in 110-degree Heat

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Click here to watch a video about the following story, courtesy of KETK-TV, Tyler, Texas.

This record-breaking heat wave in Texas is putting a strain on everything, and the one thing you don’t want to run out of is electrical power.

But that’s exactly what happens every day at on RV park near Lake Tyler.

Nick Gibbons lives in RV Park 2 at the Lake Tyler Marina, and he and his neighbors dread the afternoon.

“Today, around 3:30, everybody’s AC’s will start popping again,” he says. “I’ll have to load up our animals, which, they’re inside animals, if they were outside animals they could take the heat. I’ll have to load them up like I did yesterday and we’ll spend probably 4 hours driving around, burning gas.”

That’s right, during the hottest part of the day, the electricity and the air conditioning go off. And they don’t come back on until well into the night.

“Until it cools down,” Nick sighed. “Now when the sun goes down and we get into the 90 degree range, the compressors won’t cycle off.”

Nick says the problem is partially the original system, and partially the weather.

“Between that breaker box and our RV, you’re looking at about 135-145 feet,” he told KETK. “You can’t run 10 aug wire that far without a booster, which, that’s not going to happen.”

But he says the original wiring to the campsites is inadequate.

The owner says the problem with ONCOR and swears he will get it rectified.

And like clockwork, the power went off at 3 this afternoon.

KETK learned late today that the owner of the Marina has called TXU out to check on the system, so hopefully, the days of no a/c are coming to an end.


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