RVs Stuck in the Mud After 14-Inch Rainfall in Dubuque

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Some of the sites at Swiss Valley Campground near Dubuque, Iowa, before last week's torrential rainfall.

Last week’s torrential rain wiped out several parks and campgrounds in the Dubuque, Iowa, area, Eastern Iowa Outdoors reported.

Portions of Dubuque received 14 inches of rain over a 12-hour period on July 28.

Miller Riverside Campground is now open again. Most campgrounds in the county have reopened. But that’s not the case at Swiss Valley Campground, a county-owned park.

For Kurt Behning camping is a way of life. As the camp host, he lives at Swiss Valley almost every night of the season. But not anymore.

Behning said, “To be honest with you, I have never had to quit something cold turkey. This must be what that feels like. Unfortunately. ”

The campground which sits south of Dubuque is severely damaged. Behning’s RV is one of the five still stuck in the mud.

When last week’s rain began to pour, eight campers and the park ranger became trapped inside the campground.

Behning said, “it was too deep of water to get anymore RVs out of the park. ”

Many of those RVs floated away from where they were parked. Here’s where they remain while owners wait for insurance adjustors to arrive. Damage like this is all over the campground and the adjoining park.

Park Ranger Nate Sisler said, “We lost one of the shelters. Three sets of swing sets are gone and the campground is in really bad shape.”

But Behning is trying to keep it in all in perspective.

Behning said, “It’s just stuff. This in only just stuff. Our personal belongings, everything can be replaced. ”

Park Rangers are busy working to clean up the campground.

They don’t expect to re-open these campsites until after Labor Day Weekend.


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