Tents In, RVs Out at Salem, Mass., Winter Island Park

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Aerial view of part of Winter Island, Salem, Mass.

The nearly completed Winter Island master plan was presented at the Parks and Recreation Commission meeting Tuesday night (Aug. 16) at the Salem Senior Center in Salem, Mass.

The $10 million master plan calls for multiple small parking lots and the restoration of the falling down historic fort and Coast Guard hangar. The proposal also calls for a seasonal café and small performances areas, The Boston Globe reported.

“These can be simple, they don’t need to be the Hatch Shell,” said Steven G. Cecil of The Cecil Group, the consultant that drafted the master plan over the last six months. Cecil also said the plan for the 32-acre harbor-front park includes slowly phasing out the use of recreational vehicles.

“This is an important finding,” he said. “RV camping doesn’t serve Salem residents, but tent camping does. How many places in your own city can you really go out and camp like this?”

Other comments and recommendations from the audience included expressing an interest in winter activities on the island, conducting more research on the island’s history and maintaining the RV policy.

“Don’t RVs have the right of access?” Ed Moriarty asked.


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