Urban New Brunswick Park is a Popular RV Stopover

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Rockwood Park in Saint John, New Brunswick, is one of the largest urban parks in North America. The campground is in the southern portion of the park, at the bottom of this map.

St. Augustine, Fla., residents Martha and Ronnie Hughes, recently retired, have bought a motorhome and are headed to the Canadian Maritimes. They have no set travel agenda except to take life on the road, one day at a time. They expect to be gone for three to four months and will post periodic updates along the way. Following are excerpts from one of their recent posts that appeared in the St. Augustine Record.

The 2,200-acre Rockwood Park in Saint John, New Brunswick, is a popular campground with RV caravan groups because of its size and uptown location. Although we’re traveling alone, a 20-RV caravan group arrived today in the campground.

There are several nationally known companies conducting RV tours in geographically interesting locales in the U. S., Canada and Alaska. The Canadian Maritime Tour is among the more popular caravan routes. The group that arrived here today includes a variety of camping rigs from the large Class A coaches to popup campers. Customarily, the tour company will have two representatives with the group: one who leads the caravan and another bringing up the rear. Participants are responsible for their own fuel, food, etc., expenses but pay a fee to the caravan company that includes campgrounds, tolls, scheduled tours, some meals and ferry charges if the tour includes places like Newfoundland. The tour operators provide a welcomed service to RV owners who want to take a trip without the hassle of trip planning.

Back at Rockwood Park, energetic campers can walk or jog hiking trails within the park or head uptown which is only minutes away. Included among the park’s amenities are an 18-hole golf course, horticultural gardens, zoo and lake swimming in addition to a well-equipped playground for children.


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