Vancouver Island RV Park Plan Back in Play

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Controversial plans to develop an RV campground at Fanny Bay on the east coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia are back on the table, despite being rejected by regional district directors a year ago, the Comox Valley Echo reported.

River Dam Holdings saw its original development permit application for land at Holiday Road turned down after neighboring residents urged directors to toss the plan.

They did so at the third time of discussing the issue, despite planning staff advising the land was properly zoned for tourist-commercial development. Staff recommended the application be approved with conditions.

The original application involved creating 38 RV sites and five tent spaces along with a multipurpose building and a caretaker’s residence.

But several local residents argued it would be a wholly inappropriate use for the area, and predicted it would lead to problems over issues such as safety, access, water supplies and waste disposal.

Meanwhile, Amandio Santos for River Dam said he was perplexed that the project was being denied when the land was appropriately zoned and he was ready to comply with all the requirements being asked of him.

His lawyers subsequently drew attention to case law suggesting directors might find themselves “guilty of the tort of abuse of public office” if they continued to vote on a zoning matter ignoring mandatory provisions, after having been advised in advance that in doing so would be illegal.

But elected officials pressed on with the rejection, although they also agreed River Dam could make a new development permit application “that will be substantially similar to an application that was refused by the CVRD board.”

Confirmation that a fresh RV campground application is now under consideration was given by staff planner Brian Chow at Monday ‘s (Aug. 15) meeting of the regional district’s electoral areas services committee.

And following advice from legal counsel, committee members are recommending that River Dam’s $3,800 fee for its original application should be refunded – a refund requested by the company.

That repayment will be subject to a final vote at the full board table at the end of the month.


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