VENDOR PROFILE: Utility Supply Group

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Wade Elliott

Utility Supply Group (USG), Preston, Wash., is known for providing the knowledge to go with its lines of electrical products for RV parks.

President Wade Elliott wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It’s what gives us a competitive edge,” said Elliott, a fixture a most key industry trade events. “There are many people out there looking for answers and we offer knowledge, not just products.”

Elliott purchased assets from Traveler’s Utility in January 2002 and formed a new company, Utility Supply Group.

“The industry needed a company that had knowledgeable people that understand RV parks and their electrical needs and could convey that to people with questions,” Elliott explains. “We have experience, and we keep items — anywhere from $350,000 to $500,000 worth — in stock. When someone wants something, we can respond. Having products in stock and employing knowledgeable people — that is important.”

USG offers electrical pedestals, surface mount boxes, meter kits, electric meters, water meters, wire, distribution panels, transformers, breakers, receptacles, pagoda light kits and replacement parts for all of these items.

Pedestals include breakers and receptacles, as well as the post and conduit for complete installation. Surface mount boxes include the breakers and receptacles. The boxes mount on poles or any vertical surface.

USG is also a leading vendor to parks of the Excel hand dryer, XLerator, found inside many campground restroom facilities. A well-known electrical manufacturer distributes USG products in the United States, Elliott noted, adding that USG’s own product line is called the Heritage Line, but the company also sells Midwest, Cutler-Hammer and Milbank products.

“We have a new line of pedestals in development,” Elliott said. “We will still keep the existing line and the new line will be an addition. We continue to improve on the products we have. “

To add to his company’s expertise, Elliott sits on several boards, including the National Electric Code panel that determines what the national code should be for RV parks.

“We do electrical layouts when someone has an idea for what their RV park should look like,” he said. “Not only do we have experience, but we have the technical knowledge from our participation in these standards panels and our relationship with manufacturers. This adds to our knowledge base.”

Business is stacking up about the same in 2011 as 2010, according to Elliott.

“From my perspective RV park owners are concerned about the future and while they have full RV parks this year, they may not next year,” Elliott said. “That worries people. In late 2008 uncertainty entered the market such that in 2009 RV parks didn’t know what would happen next. 2010 was better. 2011 is as good as 2010 and people are still wondering where the economy is going from here.”

As for his company, Elliott’s outlook is positive.

“It is great to be in this business because I think this business is up overall,” he said. “I think our future is positive. I am always looking to improve our brand recognition and our name recognition. We advertise. We mail postcards and catalogs each year. We go to a lot of state and national association shows. We are always looking to get our name out in front of people.”

Contact: Utility Supply Group, P.O. Box 267, Preston, WA 98050, (800) 800-2811,, Visit the web address to view USG’s online catalog.


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