Former Beach Employees Halt Protest for Now

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The Indiana Attorney Generals Office said they have no record of the state investigating or receiving complaints against the owners of Indiana Beach, Morgan RV Resorts, WLFI-TV, West Lafayette reported.

Protesters at Indiana Beach near Monticello are taking a hiatus.

Last weekend, former Indiana Beach employees protested the park for what they said are unsafe conditions for customers.

In a separate report by the Journal and Courier, Lafayette, Ind., an amusement ride inspector from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security is at Indiana Beach, partly in response to a protest last weekend led by a group of former employees,

The state inspector is checking the safety and documentation of the approximately 30 rides at this lakefront tourist attraction.

Meanwhile, further protests have been canceled following a pledge by officials with Morgan RV Resorts, which has owned Indiana Beach since 2008, to meet with representatives of the one-time workers. They had demonstrated near the park to bring attention to their concerns about ride safety and maintenance, employee treatment and guest relations.

Mike Foddrill is a former employee of Indiana Beach. He said he and other protesters are halting any further demonstrations in good faith until their meeting with park owner Bob Moser of Morgan RV Resorts.

“We want to make sure the beach is still here. We just want to see these concerns addressed. That way it can stay here,” said Foddrill.

Foddrill said even with recent news that Morgan RV Resorts is being sued by the Massachusetts Attorney General for extortion they will keep their word and not protest.

“We don’t know all the details, but from what I do know, it shows this is another case of Morgan caring more about money than their actual customer,” said Foddrill.

Foddrill said the lawsuit does not come as a shock to him or other former employees. Now, he said they are concerned about what could happen to the park.

“We don’t know all the financial details, but a high profile case like that would have to have some impact on the money that goes into this type of place,” Foddrill.

Indiana Beach Chief Operating Officer Gary Quasebarth talked to NewsChannel 18 by phone Wednesday. He said the amusement park is a separate corporation from the RV parks and will not be affected.

Foddrill did not give a specific day or time when park owner Bob Moser will visit Monticello.


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