Kids Return from Campout with Bear Story

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The Odyssey School in Denver returns from a camping trip near Grand Lake with a great story to tell. A black bear ransacked their bus for the food inside, KDVT-TV, Denver, reported.

“We were all kind of freaking out because it was scary that there was a bear outside [the bus],” says Odyssey 8th-grader Stevie Shock.

Around 10:30 Monday night a black bear helped himself to a free lunch.

“Every granola bar was out of the package. Every grape was picked off the stem,” adds Shock. “It left a really big mess and all of our food was gone.”

Eleven 7th-and 8th-graders and two adult supervisors from the Odyssey School got out of their tents to safety.

“We loaded the kids in the gear van and tried to get the bus as cleaned up as possible,” says camp leader Jessica Schwarz. “It was pretty much a big mess.”

Odyssey parents were notified of the incident Tuesday morning via email.

“I had a little bit of panic just because of all the news about these bears,” says Stevie’s mom, Colette Shock.

Teachers and parents say the students were prepared for this type of bear encounter.

“At Odyssey we’re all about wilderness protocol so that made me feel better,” adds Colette.

When camping in the wilderness, experts suggest campers pack all food in a sealed container and keep it out of the reach of animals.

The Odyssey campers locked all of their food in coolers and placed them inside the locked school bus, but the bear got to it anyway.

“We did exactly what we should have done. We had no food nothing smelly in the tents,” Schwarz says.

Luckily no one was injured. Officials at Green Ridge Campground have set up a trap and plan to relocate the bear that came into the camp.

“You’d think there would be a little panic but there was really none of that,” adds Schwarz. “I am very proud.”


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