RV Park Flooded Out 5th Time This Season

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People living along the Rio Ruidoso in New Mexico’s Lincoln County say it could take weeks to clean up after floodwaters came roaring off the White Fire burn scar Saturday (Aug. 20), KOB-TV, Albuquerque, N.M., reported.

One man even had to be rescued from his RV as it started to float away.

For the fifth time this year, residents living in the River Ranch RV Park near Ruidoso Downs on highway 70 had to watch the raging Rio Ruidoso come tearing through their property.

“Saturday was actually the worst flooding that we’ve seen so far this year,” said resident Kim Starnes.

Lincoln County workers installed concrete barriers in July to try and keep the river in its banks, but they did little against the powerful current Saturday.

“The big flood concern is at River Ranch RV Park,” explained Lincoln County Emergency Services Director Travis Atwell. “They’re on the flood plain and the owner, at this point, still has not come in to do any kind of mitigation since the ’08 flood.”

County officials say it’s up to the owner to make the changes to keep the park from flooding.

The owner wouldn’t speak on camera about the park, but says he’s in the process of building levees and cleaning up the muddy mess left behind.

Further down stream at the Rio De Oso RV Park, flood waters moved some RVs from their perches and knocked over propane tanks.

A man asleep inside one RV had to be rescued as it began to float away.

Residents say they just want to be able to be comfortable in their homes again.

“I was worried, I was really worried. It is going to stop? Is it going to surge more? We have to leave our jobs, we have to come home, we don’t know what we are going to come home to,” said Starnes.

Officials say they had reports of flooding stretching for 20 miles along the Rio Ruidoso near highway 70.


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