Campers Make Best of Post-Irene Environment

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Click here to watch a video, courtesy of Your News Now, Albany, N.Y.

Cold showers, no phones, no lights – but for Christian Giraldo and his family, in six years of coming to So-Hi Campground near Accord, N.Y., this is the best yet.

“They’re always on their iPods and they don’t want to talk to them, but this time since they can’t charge it, we keep talking, we tell ghost stories, we roast marshmallows together,” Christian Giraldo, from Yonkers, told Your News Now, Albany.

Irene wrecked the campground with downed trees and flooding, but the worst is no phone service or electric, which Central Hudson expects to get working by today. That’s too late for hundreds of holiday cancellations.

“It’s fun here but I don’t like it without no power because when we go to sleep, like when I get up to go to the bathroom sometimes, I can’t see where I’m going, I crash into the walls,” said 10-year-old Raven Banks from Port Ewen.

“This is a business and we’re supposed to be busy and helping people and getting everybody into the camping mood and it’s empty,” said Jennifer Chun, daughter of the So-Hi Campground owner.

So-Hi Campground normally sells out all of its over 100 campsites for Labor Day weekend, but this year only ten are filled.

“This place should be jammed, bumper to bumper people, not enough parking spots, there’s nothing. People next door left, people over there left,” said Carolyn Debellis, who has been camping at So-Hi for 21 years.

The few that remain, are enjoying the stars, the quiet, and the last weekend before the start of school – the traditional way.

“People bring RVs and refrigerators, but this is like old school camping. We have tents and we have fire and food. That’s all we have, and family,” said Christian Giraldo.


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