Damaged Campground at Half Capacity Still Open

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Click here to watch a video on the following story, courtesy of Your News Now, Albany, N.Y.

Chris Cove, owner of the Oakland Valley Campground near Cuddebackville, N.Y., takes a television reporter on a ride through her campground, damaged by last weekend’s Tropical Storm Irene.

“There’s tree damage here. As I go past you’ll see a crushed picnic table,” said Cove.

From her pickup truck, Cove surveys the damage to the campground she and her husband have owned for the past dozen years. Tropical Storm Irene did a number on their 53-acre property located in the southern part of the state where New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania meet.

“This is actually the best part of the campground down here on the river area. The trailers are fine,” said Cove.

Up ahead though, it’s a different story. The nearby Neversink River and its surging waters have completely washed out a road. In its place is now a bumpy trail of stones.

“We will not be allowing anybody down here at all,” said Cove.

This campsite will be open for business during Labor Day Weekend, the second biggest camping weekend of the entire summer, but only at about 50% of its capacity. Campers who had sites booked along the river for the weekend must now be moved.

“We are just reassigning their sleeping accommodations. They just can’t be on the sites they were originally assigned. But that’s as best as we can do for them, but they’re all very happy they are still able to come camping, and the campground was not closed,” said Cove.

Not closed, but not fully open either.

“It’ll take us the rest of the season and into next spring before we’re ready to open up the river area again. We’re not going to rush it. We’re just going to take our time,” said Cove.

DEC officials advise area campers and hikers to also take their time negotiating trails made unsafe by flooding, washout and fallen debris.


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