Good Sam Club Helps Saskatchewan Parks

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The Nipawin and District Regional Park recently received a total donation of $1,000 from the Good Sam RV Club for the upkeep of camping facilities.

Local members of the Wheatland Sams chapter of the Saskatchewan Good Sams presented two checks of $500 each to Nipawin and District Regional Park Board Chairman Blaine Clarke on  Aug. 24, the Nipawin Journal reported.

The one check was a donation from the Good Sam’s provincial organization and the other cheque came from the Wheatland Sams chapter, which represents the Good Sam members in a large area across northeast Saskatchewan.

Clarke thanked them on behalf of the board and all the people of Nipawin for the donations.

“It does take money to run a park and we can always use it, that’s for sure,” he said.

He also expressed his appreciation for the work done by the Good Sams to promote the RV lifestyle.

“We can’t function without people with RVs and you are one of the only organizations organized that I know of that represent that group,” he said. “You guys do wonderful work and you are 100 per cent welcome any time you ever want to host anything in our park. I can’t say thank you enough for all the work you do within the province and I’m so happy that we have our own local chapter here.”

According to Wheatland Sams member Bob Hay, it is important for them to support the local parks in the northeast. They recently also made a similar donation to the Pasquia Regional Park near Carrot River.

“We’ve donated money to other parks in the area as well as this one,” he said after the presentation. “It was just time to do something for Nipawin. … The Regional Park always needs money and we like to support our local parks.”

There are 16 Good Sam chapters across the province. Hay said the Saskatchewan Good Sam provincial body raises funds by organizing two Samborees every year.

The largest one, which attracts hundreds of RV enthusiasts from across western Canada and even the United States, takes place in June. Nipawin hosted the provincial Good Sam Samboree in 2009, which was attended by about 500 people. Every year there is also a mini Samboree in September, which will take place at Manitou Beach this year.

“There’ll probably be 175 rigs there,” he said. “It’s a smaller one than the main provincial Samboree and there’s less formalities. It’s more just a fun time.”

The Wheatland Sams chapter has 30 members across northeast Saskatchewan, of which 10 members are from the Nipawin area.

“With 10 of us here we have about a third of the club here now,” Hay said. “Nipawin is well represented now, but it’s only the last two years that that’s happened.”

The different chapters do various things to raise their own funds. The Wheatland Sams had great success with selling cookbooks.

“I think in the last two years we’ve raised about $4,000 with that,” he said. “That’s what Good Sams do. We raise money and we help different organizations and different things and sometimes it’s with parks like this that give us a place to park when we need to.”

The Good Sams are always happy to welcome new members to their group. For more information about the Saskatchewan Good Sams and the different chapters, visit their website


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