RV Park May Adjoin Rare 12-Hole Golf Course

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The first 12-hole golf course in Michigan will open Friday (Sept. 2) near Lansing, and an adjacent RV park is in the planning stages.

The Woodside Golf Course stretches over 146 acres along Wood Road north of Lansing and represents a growing push among golf enthusiasts to make the sport more attractive to people who don’t have time to enjoy a full 18 holes, the Lansing State Journal reported.

Neighbors and passers-by since the mid-1990s watched John Kazenko and his son, Doug, painstakingly mold the golf course from scratch, clearing trees for fairways and in the early years, using hand tools to shape the ground.

The course almost opened to the public last summer as Kirkside Golf Club. But a series of problems arose that eventually led to the sale of the property last month to Daryl Kesler, owner of Hawk Hollow Properties Inc. Kesler’s company owns the Hawk Hollow course in Bath Township and the Eagle Eye and Falcon golf courses in East Lansing. Alex Coss is the general manager at Eagle Eye.

A key component to finalizing the sale was Kesler and Coss working with DeWitt Township to propose a 102-lot RV park on the northern portion of the property, where the original design of the course called for holes 13 through 18. Plans include digging a 15-acre lake then surrounding the perimeter with power, water and sewer hookups.

The RV park has not been approved by township officials but Kesler said it is critical to the golf course’s operational success.

“We needed something to bring dollars in other than golf,” Kesler said. “Golf (alone) cannot make it in this industry.

“I don’t care who you are, how much you spend. The more you spend, the more you lose. There is no way golf can pay for itself. You need something else to pay for the lights in the winter.”

The RV park proposal is expected to be taken up by the DeWitt Township Planning Commission this fall.


One Response to “RV Park May Adjoin Rare 12-Hole Golf Course”

  1. Terry LaGree on September 12th, 2011 4:28 pm

    Love the concept. Currently working on the redesign of three properties coverting them to 12 hole layouts and using the rest of the property for development of RV site.
    Terry LaGree