Virtual Expo Announces New Exhibitor

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Virtual Expo Adds new first-time exhibitor

Art Lieberman, producer of the Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo II taking place on the Internet Nov. 10-11, is a big believer in cabins, park models and yurts for the campground industry.

“The reasoning is simple,” explains Lieberman, who is president of MCPS for Campgrounds, which processes transactions for hundreds of campgrounds, “as a credit and debit card provider, statistics indicate that campgrounds that have such facilities are more financially successful overall than those that do not have them.

“Last year we were successful at having several cabin and park model manufacturers as exhibitors at the Virtual Expo, and many are returning to this year’s event, but we were unable to persuade a yurt manufacturer to participate,” Lieberman said.

This is particularly ironic since both Campground Expositions and MCPS for Campgrounds are operated from a 30-foot yurt in New Berlin, Pa.

So Lieberman and co-producer Deanne Bower said they were delighted that Yurts of America (YoA), located in Indianapolis, Ind., agreed to become an exhibitor at this year’s Virtual Expo. Founder Ken Lawrence began operations in 1989 when a fierce storm at a social re-enactment event destroyed every participant’s camping tent but left a yurt unharmed. He was amazed at its durability and its ability to repel even the harshest of weather. Lawrence, a woodcrafter, decided to dedicate his skills to the yurt business and in 2007 joined with Jerry Ritchie, a successful local businessman, to expand the operation.

YoA has sold yurts for a wide range of uses including bed and breakfasts, permanent homes, temporary homes, workshops and, of course, campground rentals. The yurts range in size from 16 feet to 30 feet with colorful names like The Turkey Run, The Monon Trail (named after a rail trail in Indiana), The McCormick Creek and the Spring Hill. There are dozens of enhancements which can be added to the standard features of YoA yurts to make them even more appealing to campers. Prices start as low as $7,518 and YoA is the only company that offers a 15-year limited warranty.

“It’s unbelievable how our yurt has withstood the harsh Pennsylvania weather — especially this year,” remarked Bower. “We’ve experienced heavy snows, winds and down-pouring rains and although we heard the weather outside, we remained comfortable inside. Our yurt is heated and air-conditioned and has all the amenities of a regular office — replete with a bathroom, refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot. Six desks with computers and a conference table fit comfortably into the 709 square feet of space in-the-round provided by our yurt. We’re big fans of yurts and owners have informed us that yurts rent first at campgrounds that have yurts, cabins and park models.”

The Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo II is also pleased to welcome back media sponsor and exhibitor Woodall’s Campground Management (WCM), the daily Internet and monthly printed industry publication. WCM has been publicizing the Expo since its inception and co-producers Lieberman and Bower said they are thrilled to see them return for the second Virtual Expo.

About the Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo II

“David Gorin & Associates Presents – The Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo II” is scheduled to take place entirely on the Internet for two days live and another 60 days in an on-demand status. The Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo II is produced by Art Lieberman and Deanne Bower of Campground Expositions. The producers may be contacted by calling (877) 901-EXPO (3976) or by e-mail at Their website (currently being updated) is Pelland Advertising maintains the Expo’s webpage. Visit Peter’s business at


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