ARVC Issues Pool/Spa Cover Update

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Editor’s Note: The following alert was issued today by the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC).

On Sept. 28, 2011, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) voted to revoke its rule on the interpretation of “unblockable drain” under the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (Act). The Act requires public pools and spas in the United States to be equipped with an anti-entrapment drain cover. In addition, each public pool and spa with a single main drain — other than an unblockable drain — must be equipped with one or more of the following secondary devices or backup systems: an automatic shutoff system, a gravity drainage system, a Safety Vacuum Release System or a suction-limiting vent system.

In April 2010, the CPSC interpreted the Act’s definition of “unblockable drain” to include the installation of an “unblockable drain cover” over a small, blockable drain suction outlet. The CPSC’s revocation of this interpretation on September 28 means that a drain cover can no longer be used to convert a blockable drain into an unblockable drain. Pursuant to the Act, drains that are blockable require a secondary anti-entrapment system. In a draft Notice of Revocation, which will soon be published in the Federal Register, the CPSC states: “If you have used an unblockable drain cover to create an unblockable drain, the revocation of the interpretative rule means that you must equip your public pool or public spa with a secondary anti-entrapment system as required by the VGB Act.”

The CPSC will require any public pool or spa that needs modification as a result of this revocation to be in compliance by May 28, 2012. The CPSC is accepting comments for the next 60 days from interested stakeholders on the challenges they will face in coming into compliance by May 28, 2012.

This is the statement of the CPSC’s Chair, Inez Tenenbaum, last week after the commission’s vote on unblockable drains. ARVC will provide CPSC contact information for members to make comments as soon as the Notice is published in the Federal Register.


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