Filmmaker Travels Route 66 in Motorhome

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John Holod and wife Edie.

Cinematographer John Holod always has a room with a view.

As reported by The Oklahoman, Holod, behind the wheel of his Winnebago, is on the mother road to produce a video about Old Route 66. He is basing his drive on author Jerry McClanahan’s spiral-bound EZ66 Guide for Travelers.

The award-winning videographer plans to traverse eight states wandering west from Illinois to California. He anticipates spending three weeks traveling an estimated 2,400-mile route.

During his journey, he recently took a day in Oklahoma City to discuss insights on the best ways to see America’s roads up-close with family and friends. The trip began on Sept. 20 in Chicago and concludes Oct. 13 in Los Angeles.

Holod said he initially found it difficult to locate the real start of the Route. He was only successful when he located the little-known Adams Street in Chicago’s downtown area where a small plaque denotes the historic highway.

Driving away from the business district to the corn fields, Holod’s only goal was to remain off the beaten track and find a bit of the historic past.

“I saw the drive-ins, all the billboards, the best places for hot dogs along the road,” he said. “These were here long before the interstate. This was their character before everything got homogenized and not a McDonalds at every exit.”

He considers Route 66 to be one of America’s most popular scenic routes. And, in his mind the RV provides the perfect vehicle to see it.

The reasons are numerous.

Route 66 map

“I do back roads,” he said. “It is eye opening. You have your house with you. Anytime, you can stop, have a sandwich by a lake or a river.”

Holod feels there is no better way experience the countryside than to get out and be among the people.

“With a hotel room, you lock the door and kind of hide,” he said. “When you come to a RV park, you open up the doors and immerse yourself in the population.”


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