Homeowners Prevail in Washington Zoning Matter

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At least two-thirds of the residents of Vista del Lago RV park in Manson, Wash., are getting letters notifying them that their vacation sites require changes. But few, if any, trailers will have to be removed from the Manson RV park, The Wenatchee World reported.

Chelan County commissioners recently reviewed a long list of county code infractions at the 84-site RV park.

“Most of the corrections can be made without major heartache. We’re trying to be as fair as we can be and still comply with Andy’s decisions,” said Commissioner Doug England, referring to a June ruling by Chelan County Hearing Examiner Andrew Kottkamp.

Kottkamp issued some harsh criticism of the park after its homeowners’ association requested amendments to zone and building code to allow more permanent structures in the park that have been added over the years. The park was originally developed and permitted as an RV resort in 1993 for temporary residence only.

Community development code enforcers will follow up with a visit to each site listing specific changes required to bring each property up to code, England said. Code officials inspected the park earlier this summer to develop the list of infractions at each site.

The good news, he said, is that it’s unlikely that any trailers will have to be removed from the park.

England said about two-thirds of the residences will require significant changes, including movement of trailers, carports, sheds and porches that were placed too close to driveways or adjacent properties. About a third of the sites will require no or very little adjustment.

Doublewide trailers that were “erroneously permitted” by the county previously will be allowed to stay, as long as they are under 900-square-feet in size, England said. There may be one or two doublewides that were placed in the park without permits, he said.

“We plan to address each one on a case-by-case basis. We want to get this settled before home-owners leave for the winter so they know what changes will need to be made by next year,” England said. He said no deadline for compliance has been set, but that will happen and will include hefty fines if the changes aren’t made.


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