Jackson Hole RV Parks Win Planners’ OK for Park Models

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Wyoming’s Teton County planning staff released the first draft of a set of rules Thursday (Oct. 13) that would allow campground owners to bring recreational park trailers onto their properties, albeit with special permission from the county.

The rules would allow campground owners to fill up to half of their total campsites with the trailers, though the number allowed to campground owners would be set on a case-by-case basis, the Jackson Hole News & Guide reported.

The proposed rules are of keen interest to neighbors to and owners of RV parks as recreational park trailers become more popular and have been brought to Teton County. While they are trailed to the campgrounds behind trucks, once parked they are rarely moved, making some neighbors ask whether the campgrounds are becoming de facto hotels.

Campground owners say demand for the units represents a new form of travel and recreation. Use of the units saves the gas that would otherwise be required by people who want to stay in campground trailers.

Campground owners would not be allowed to use permanent foundations for the trailers and would have to ensure that they could be removed if the need arose. In addition, only the county building official could approve a request to remove the wheels from the trailers.

The proposed rules would require campground owners to submit annual monitoring reports about the trailers to the county. The reports would track the rental history of the units, including the arrival and departure dates of guests, and the number of vehicles present during each campground stay.

County staff would have the ability to suspend or revoke the permit of any campground owner found to be in violation of the new rules.

The proposed rules define recreational park trailers as “a trailer type that is primarily designed to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, travel or seasonal use.”

Coupled with that definition is a set of criteria that outlines specific features of the trailers. The trailers must be built on a single chassis, mounted on wheels with a gross trailer that is no more than 400 square feet and certified by a manufacturer as being in compliance with national standards related to the trailers.

Under the proposed rules, the trailers only could be rented on a short-term basis — no more than 30 days in any 60-day period — and would have to be owned by a single entity.

The proposed rules come several days after county planning commissioners recommended approval of a request from Buffalo Valley RV Resort’s Harry Washut to put 102 recreational park trailers on his property. That request still has to be reviewed by county commissioners.

County commissioners approved a request from Snake River KOA owner Bud Chatham to bring the trailers onto his property and signed an agreement with Jamie Mackay, who owns Jackson Hole Campground, that allowed him to keep trailers he brought to his property.

Planning commissioners are scheduled to review the proposed rules during a meeting Nov. 14, after which they will be taken up by county commissioners.

The board of county commissioners tentatively is scheduled to discuss the proposed rules in January.

The rules are available at or at the county planning department.


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