Owner: No Changes at Ontario’s Bingemans Resort

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There are no plans to push regular tenants out of the seasonal Bingemans Camping Resort near  Kitchener, Ontario, anytime soon, President Mark Bingeman says.

“Not in the near future,” he said. “We don’t have a date. We have no plans.”

Monday, a trailer park tenant there appealed to the Cambridge City Council, asking for a spot in a city-owned trailer park in Hespeler. The council was told the Bingemans campground is set for development and notices had recently been issued putting tenants on notice they could be asked to leave anytime, the Waterloo (Ontario) Record reported.

The city council said no to the request.

Bingeman was upset with the information presented to the Cambridge council suggesting people were about to be evicted.

“Nothing has changed,” he said.

In 2005, Bingemans officials met with its “camping resort” residents about future plans, including a new entrance road: Bingeman Center Drive. With that road open, the upper Chalet camping area becomes attractive for redevelopment.

There are no immediate plans to do anything new with that camping area, however, Bingeman said

Since it’s a seasonal camping area, it has to close for the winter. So every year, a letter goes to regular tenants at the end of the season, including mention of long-range redevelopment potential.

“We remind them of that every season, just that we will ultimately redevelop that area,” Bingeman said. “We send it out every year, so no one comes back to us saying ‘we had no idea.’ ”


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