Signature Resorts Adopts New Billing Technology

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When snowbirds return to Signature Resorts in Naples, Fla. this winter, they won’t need to break out their wallets every time they order food or refreshments or participate in the park’s growing roster of activities, which include everything from boat rides to yoga classes.

Instead, Signature Resorts guests can simply let the concierge know of their plans, and the charges will be automatically billed to their RV site, just as they would be if they were staying at a luxury hotel, according to a news release.

“This kind of guest folio capability is unheard of in RV parks and resorts,” said Brian Woodling, who joined Signature Resorts as general manager of the company’s Naples resort in January after spending 20 years with the Marriott Hotel chain.

But after installing the RMS property management system last summer, Signature Resorts in Naples now has the ability to manage point of sale transactions, online reservations, utility charges and other accounting activities as easily and effectively as the world’s largest hotel chains.

“RMS enables us to provide a higher quality guest experience,” Woodling said, adding that the system can also send out emails and text messages to send out birthday and anniversary greetings and to invite previous guests to participate in special promotions. “We can customize it to do whatever we want,” adding that Signature Resorts has also installed the RMS system at its resort in Bay Harbor, Mich.

“We anticipate that other resorts will quickly follow our example as the availability of the RMS property management system becomes increasingly well known to RV parks and resorts across the country,” Woodling said.

Originally developed in Australia, RMS North America has been quietly introducing its new property management system to North American RV resorts, campgrounds, private motorcoach resorts, outdoor recreation facilities, marinas, motels and hotels this year.

And while park operators are often sold on the system’s ability to seamlessly and instantaneously manage reservations placed through multiple websites as well as those taken by phone by front desk staff, the system’s accounting functions are proving to be an equally compelling enticement, said Tom Chiarello, vice president of business development for RMS North America. “This product will revolutionize the way campground operators run their business,” he said.

RMS North America plans to preview its property management system at several upcoming industry trade shows, including Outdoor Hospitality Convention and Expo in Savannah, Ga.

Based in La Jolla, Calif., RMS North America is a world leader in state-of-the-art property management and online reservation solutions for RV resorts, campgrounds, private membership resorts, outdoor recreation facilities, marinas, motels, and hotels. RMS currently has over 3,000 customers worldwide in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and several other countries.


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