Camper Dies in East Texas RV Park

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An East Texas man died in a fire Saturday morning (Oct. 15) in an East Texas RV park.

The fire happened at Pine Meadows RV Park in Gregg County at the intersection of FM 2087 and FM 2011, KLTV-TV, Tyler, Texas, reported.

Witnesses say a neighbor woke up several residents, including those right next door to the fire.

Gwen Modisette and her husband woke up much earlier than they anticipated Saturday morning. Looking out the window they realized the RV next to theirs was on fire.

She said,” So we ran outside and the whole back half of it was on fire, and it was about to take our truck and so I got in the truck and pulled it out real quick. I got around to the other side and I didn’t really come too much closer other than the other side to see if I needed to help with the water hose my husband was spraying down our trailer to make sure we didn’t lose it.”

Flames shot up to the top of a pine tree near the Modisette’s RV, partly because of venting propane tanks.

Lori Wright was walking her dog shortly after 5 a.m.

“I could hear the popping, and I was scared the propane was going to go up and blow everything so we started watering our trailer to protect it,” Lori said.

Gwen was afraid to go back inside, and didn’t realize what had happened next door until later.

“I was terrified. I didn’t get anything out of it. And then my neighbor died. He was a really nice guy, he was always polite to our kids. He liked to stay to himself and not really get in anyone else’s business. He was a really good guy.”

A body was found in the ashes after Elderville Volunteer Fire Department got it under control. JP Arthur Fort sent the body to Tarrant County for an autopsy.

A second RV also burned, but no one was there at the time. Residents with water hoses kept the fire from spreading until help arrived.

“But I wish I could have done more,” Lori said.

Investigators say the fire started near the front of the RV in lot 18.


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