ARVC Announces New Member Benefit Provider: DIRECTV

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The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) has negotiated an agreement with DIRECTV and its nationally certified service dealer, Just In Time Communications Inc., to provide satellite television service to ARVC member parks at vastly reduced rates.

“The prices we have negotiated on behalf of our members should be welcome news to the campground industry,” ARVC President and CEO Paul Bambei stated in a news release. “The monetary value of this benefit alone far exceeds the cost of ARVC membership. In fact, just one month of savings from this agreement would more than pay for annual ARVC dues for a typical 100-site park.”

ARVC’s agreement with DIRECTV/Just In Time features numerous benefits, including:

  • Customized Channel Lineups: ARVC member parks now have the ability to build channel lineups that make the most sense for their guests, rather than taking the same common lineup of channels that are governed by cable companies. ARVC members can now select from over 100 of their favorite channels for one low monthly price. Additionally, ARVC members can customize their park’s channel lineup to include any number of their local market broadcast stations (i.e. NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, etc. based on their zip code), the ESPN package, and all of their favorite movie packages.
  • Free Equipment: ARVC members who sign a 60-month agreement with Just In Time Communications and commit to a minimum of $4 per month per site drop of monthly programming will also receive $5,000 worth of new digital satellite signal reception equipment – enough to accommodate the first 24 channels they choose. Equipment for any additional channels above the first 24 can be purchased for the one-time commercial wholesale cost of just $200 per channel. Additionally, for a one-time fee of $250, ARVC member parks can set up their own “Local Park Channel” to highlight their park’s schedule of activities and special events, site information, check in and checkout times, emergency exits as well as anything else the park wishes to communicate to their guests during their stay. And unlike many cable companies that are now requiring digital converter boxes to be used by park customers, there will be no such requirement with DIRECTV, thus enabling ARVC park owners to avoid digital box inventory.
  • Ultra-Competitive Pricing: DIRECTV is offering ARVC member parks the most favorable monthly programming rates available, which should be far below what any local cable company or competing satellite provider can offer.
  • Small Parks or Parks Wanting a Simple 12-Channel Television Amenity: Parks that want a low channel option can now enjoy a 12-channel rack of equipment at a special one-time capital cost of $1,899, by combining their local broadcast programming with other channels, all for less than $2 per month per site drop. There is no contract term (i.e. parks can go month to month) nor is there a monthly programming cost commitment in order to take this 12-channel option.
  • Seasonal Block-Out Periods: Parks can block out six months per calendar year for any seasonal downtime they designate.
  • An Installation Rate of Just $999 per park compared to the normal cost of up to $2,500: Under this agreement, all the costs associated with equipment crating, shipping, and rack installation at your park by certified Just In Time personnel will be covered for this low price of $999, anywhere in the United States.
  • For Parks With Existing Video Systems: For ARVC member parks that already have existing video infrastructure from an incumbent cable television or other satellite provider, this $999 installation package covers all costs to get signals from the racks in your shed or office location to the site drops where your customers can plug in. The installation cost includes performance testing and signal balancing (amplification not included, if needed) to insure proper signal levels are achieved for all site drops on the park system. The performance testing fee, which normally costs anywhere from $10 to $25 per site drop, has been waived for ARVC members.
  • For Parks Without Existing Video Systems: For ARVC member parks that are installing a completely new video infrastructure (and have no incumbent cable or satellite provider), there will be potential trenching and conduit work needed to get the signal out to the campsites. This will be an additional cost over and above the $999 base installation fee, which will depend on many custom factors, such as the number of sites, soil condition, etc. Just In Time Communications has agreed to make its technical department available for a park survey and will honor commercial dealer rates of material and labor to complete the job to your satisfaction at the best possible price.

ARVC will be working with Just In Time Communications to streamline the scheduling of all satellite television installations and conversions. ARVC members are encouraged to contact Derek Dick at (800) 395-2267 or by e-mail at to obtain more information or to schedule an appointment for an installation or conversion.

Just In Time representatives will also be attending the upcoming Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo in Savannah with full equipment racks on display to help answer any questions park operators may have.

“This is an exciting period for ARVC members and everyone is encouraged to compare the pricing of this new deal with their current contracts to determine individual savings,” Bambei said, adding that additional member value programs for ARVC member parks will be announced in the coming weeks.

Based in Denver, ARVC is the national voice of the outdoor hospitality industry. For more information, visit

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