ARVC Chairman Berg Bids Farewell, Excited About Association’s Future

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David L. Berg

This is my last report as Chairman of the ARVC board. It is hard to believe but the past two years have flown by. I was “excited” to step up to the role in 2009 but not half as excited as I am today. Why? Because I have first-hand knowledge of the hard work and dedication the board and staff offer the membership and the industry. This past year their commitment has resulted in a new CEO/president onboard, the purchase of a new headquarters, new staff has been hired and there are a number of new, valuable and exciting, money-saving, business-building member benefits for ARVC members.

This year alone, ARVC has added a number of member benefits to the already robust Member Benefit Provider roster designed to save members money and increase their bottom line. These new ARVC member benefits include significant savings from Skyline Corp. – an ARVC preferred provider of park models and other products they manufacture. Using this member benefit, I’ve personally earned a bottom line profit of $16,000 by selling two units in my park. ARVC recently introduced a DIRECTV ARVC member benefit that promises to save members thousands of dollars each and every year. As an ARVC member park open only five months of the year, taking advantage of this program would save me over $8,000 a season.

In addition to the large number of money-saving member benefits, there are so many other reasons to be a member of ARVC – education programs, legislative advocacy services – the list goes on and on.

While I have been more than honored to serve our membership and our industry, I am also excited to leave the board in the good hands of our next chairman and enjoy my less active role of past-chairman on the executive committee. Thank you to the full ARVC Board of Directors and the ARVC staff for all of their hard work and dedication to our members and to this great industry of ours.

ARVC Voice Invites Video Submissions

The new ARVC member magazine – ARVC Voice – was received by ARVC members with rave reviews. Members commented on the ease of use, interactive content including video and overall look and feel of the e-publication. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“It was as easy to navigate as a paper magazine!! I’m so bad with computers that I sometimes just ignore newsletters and e-mail flyers. This was a breeze; I love it. Thank you.” – Charlie Curry, owner, Toutle River RV Resort, Wash.

“Love the new look and format. I have to admit it was a shock – I’m one of those folks who doesn’t like change – except where my business is concerned. But after browsing through online, I like it. Another example of a positive ARVC upgrade.” – Deb Carter, CPO, Buttonwood Beach Campground, Md.

WOW WEE – how neat. I loved the video snippets. Change is good; change is refreshing. I certainly enjoyed the first issue. The new beat is feeling good, cannot wait to get to Savannah and see all that is waiting for us.” – Judy K. LaPorta, CPO, Little Oaks Campground, N.J.

Industry suppliers and ARVC member parks are invited to submit video content for consideration. Video should be no longer than 3 minutes and rendered in a .mov or .flv format. Videos can be uploaded to ARVC’s video transfer account at An acknowledgement of receipt will follow the upload.

Questions and comments may be directed to ARVC Voice editor Evanne Schmarder at

ARVC Welcomes New Marketing Director

An avid camping, fishing and outdoor enthusiast, Jennifer Schwartz joins ARVC as the senior director of marketing, replacing Kera Tomlin. “This is the first time in my life I’m doing something that reflects my personal passion for camping,” Schwartz said, adding that she typically camps 20 plus days a year in her pick-up camper with her family.

A Boulder, Colo., native, Schwartz graduated with a BS from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and launched a robust career in marketing. Her experience includes high-level executive positions with national corporations including AT&T Broadband, Adelphia, Media One, Copper Mountain Resort and the American Water Works Association.

As a long-time camper, Schwartz sees the significant value the ARVC and Go Camping America brands bring to our industry and is eager to use both her marketing expertise and her personal experiences to benefit the ARVC membership. “I am very much looking forward to meeting many of our members and suppliers live and in person at the 2011 Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo in Savannah,” Schwartz continued.

From snow camping to Alaska fishing trips to wandering around the rugged West, Schwartz credits camping with the fact that her two college age boys still want to vacation with her and her husband. “They like us and we like them… that’s a huge benefit that comes from our years as a camping family and that can’t be beat.”

Fiscal Situation Puts the Squeeze on National Scenic Byways Program

With the Congressional Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (aka, the “Super Committee” created by the Congressional deal earlier this year to extend the debt limit) charged with reducing federal spending by at least $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years, funding for programs such as the National Scenic Byways Program are under increasing pressure.

Byways technical assistance funds, for example, were reapportioned to the states last year for general road programs. However, in October, ARVC joined a long list of recreation and travel groups in writing to Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, urging him to provide the authorized funding to support Byways technical activities across the nation. Furthermore, an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2012 Transportation Appropriations Bill to bar any spending of transportation enhancement funds on scenic highways projects by all 50 states was soundly defeated.

ARVC will continue to monitor and work on the Scenic Byways Program and other federal legislative and regulatory efforts that affect member parks.


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