Aussie Camping Survey Parallels U.S. Industry

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A Big 4 holiday park in Australia.

A 2011 Consumer Report has revealed that 7 million Australians have visited a caravan holiday park in the last two years and that 9.3 million are intending to holiday in the caravanning and holiday parks industry in the next two years.

This Consumer Report was commissioned by the Caravan, RV & Accommodation Industry of Australia (CRVA) and was independently conducted by Alliance Strategic Research through a three-phased research program, Travel Blackboard, a travel newsletter, reported.

This consumer research shows that Australians are realizing more and more that caravanning and camping is not only adventurous, cost effective, and just plain fun, it is also an experience that leads to more quality family holidays, the report stated.

Key findings of the consumer research include:

  • 85% of Australians have visited a caravan holiday park at least once in their lifetime.
  • 7% of Australians intend to buy a caravan or other RV product in the next two years.
  • 85% of respondents said they would be happy to visit a caravan holiday park outside of school holidays.
  • 73% agree that caravanning and camping holidays are easy to organise and plan and 57% believe that these holidays are very good value at all times compared with other types of accommodation.
  • The Internet is the core starting point for consumers when researching holidays with 69% of respondents expecting online booking facilities.
  • Location, security and cost are the most important caravan holiday park features to visitors.

More Australians are holidaying on the road and according to CRVA’s Federal Chairman, Mark Lindsay, the strong consumer demand shows just how resilient the caravanning and holiday parks industry is.

“The strong growth in the caravanning and holiday parks industry shows that Australians are looking to get better value out of their holidays and our Industry offers some of the most affordable holiday options in Australia,” said Lindsay.

The consumer research report also revealed that each accommodation type appeals to different age groups, with cabins favored by those aged over 35 years, tents to younger age groups, and caravan usage is most common to the 50-plus market.

The research also shows that there has been increased visitation to caravan holiday parks by married couples and family groups since 2008.

“These types of holidays work really well with families right through to mature travellers,” Lindsay said.

“Caravan and camping holidays promise endless opportunities to meet new people, as well as enhancing communication with your family and friends.

“The priceless experiences you have on the road are what matters most.

“Caravanning and camping is not just about the family and friends you go with, it’s also about the new people you meet along the way.”

The popularity of caravanning and camping is reinforced by the Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Association of Australia’s (RVMAA) 2011 statistics, which shows that over 20,000 new caravans and other recreational vehicles were manufactured in Australia in 2010.

Major State Caravan and Camping Shows

The results of this consumer report are also supported by the success of all five major caravanning and camping shows around Australia.

Attendances figures for the major state shows around the country totalled over 301,000 attendees not including the thousands more who have visited smaller state regional shows.

According to Lindsay, Australians are discovering that the major caravanning and camping shows are a great place to find holiday ideas and sample the right caravan/RV product to suit their lifestyle, as there are hundreds of caravans and motorhomes of all models, shapes and prices on display.

“The five major state shows have enjoyed strong attendance numbers as more and more Australians discover the freedom, flexibility and fun of the caravanning lifestyle, proving the growing popularity of the Industry” he said.

“Sales at these shows continue to increase every year as families, baby boomers and older retirees increasingly choose to explore the country by road.”


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