Board Denies Request to Develop RV Park

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An attempt to provide temporary housing for shale oil workers in northwest North Dakota has been turned back by the local zoning board.

The Williams County Planning and Zoning Board voted 8-0 on Nov. 10 to recommend denial of a request to develop a 60-site RV park on property near Ray, N.D.

The proposed site is located in the northwest corner of the state off of U.S. Highway 2 along Williams County Road 17, about 1 1/2 miles outside of Ray, the Williston Herald reported.

Jon Lankford with Gillette, Wyo.-based Epic Executive Solutions and Consulting was on hand to outline the project on behalf of property owner Donald Hickel. Lankford said several 1,500-gallon holding tanks would be on-site for wastewater.

He added that R&T Water Supply Association has a water line near the site, so access to water shouldn’t be a problem.

“It’s not going to be anything larger than what we’re asking,” Lankford added.

A letter from the Ray Volunteer Fire Department and Ray Crash Rescue was read to the commission. The letter expressed concern with a heavily-increased workload to an all-volunteer staff.

Part of the letter reads:

“The Williams County Planning and Zoning Board and County Commissioners have not taken into consideration the impact to emergency volunteers that man camps, RV parks and unapproved temporary housing have to our 100% volunteer departments.

We hope that the Planning and Zoning and County Commissions would take this into consideration before approving any additional man camps, RV parks, trailer parks and temporary housing units in our county.”

After further discussion, the commission voted to recommend denial of the zone change.


One Response to “Board Denies Request to Develop RV Park”

  1. Jon Lankford Epic Executive Solutions & Consulting LLC on November 23rd, 2011 4:52 pm

    I am currently working on solutions to the issues that led to the proposed denial on the construction of the Bella Rose R.V. Park and Campground. This is still the United States of America and a tax paying American citizen should be able to develop his or her land or property as they see fit. Also, North Dakota is suffering a huge under development pressure in the housing area and it isn’t going to fix itself.
    Many hard working Americans travel for a living to help keep the back bone that has made this country the pillar that it is! They own 80,000 dollar fifth wheel travel trailers all the way down to bumper pulls, have families and a dream to live as well. Having a safe, clean and well designed place to park them is a solution to the growing demand not a burden. If the Ray volunteer fire and ambulance is overwhelmed then we need to find a way to help them. I find it hard to believe 60 R.V. lots could collapse their infrastructure so drastically.
    Anyone with ideas or input is more than welcome to contact me at

    Thank you,
    Jon Lankford
    Epic Executive Solutions & Consulting LLC