Free Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo II Opens Thursday

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The final touches were added to booths today in preparation for Thursday’s opening of the Virtual Outdoor Hospitality  Expo II on the Internet.

The Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo will have 34 booths of exhibits, educational webinars, webinars conducted by  various sponsors and exhibitors, a Resource Center and a Chat Lounge, producer Art Lieberman announced.

Expo hours are noon to 6 p.m. EST on Thursday and Friday. The Expo will also run in the on-demand status for an  additional 60 days.

To attend the Expo go to – and complete the registration information.

Lieberman hosted a walk-through session for exhibitors on Tuesday.

As noted many times, attending or viewing the Expo and associated events is totally free to attendees. After the live show closes on Friday, the Expo will remain available for viewing an additional 60 days into 2012. All of the booths will continue to be accessible and the seminars will be viewable since they will have been recorded.

Thousands of Invites Sent Out

According to a news release, nearly 40,000 notices have been sent out to 15,000 owners of campgrounds, marinas, ski lodges, golfing resorts, dude ranches and paddleboat and canoeing facilities. Also receiving invitations are members of the press, trade associations and governmental agencies who participate in the outdoor hospitality industry.

Over 3,300 prospective attendees have been sent notices announcing that they have been pre-registered and a user name and password have been provided to them to enter the Expo. Record attendance for any trade show in the outdoor hospitality industry is anticipated at this year’s event.

A schedule of the conference speakers and their subject matter will be posted on the website of the virtual show at and in the 2011 Souvenir Directory, produced by Campground and RV Park e-News, which will be emailed to everyone today. The directory will also be available for download in the Expo lobby.

User Friendly Expo

This year exhibitors whose websites have a webpage where prospective buyers may purchase items or services will have a “buy it now” button in their virtual booth. Exhibitors, the press and other invited guests have already viewed the Expo at the party conducted on Tuesday. The tour was conducted by Elizabeth Davenport of VCopious, the software provider for the Expo. The company will have personnel on hand at the event to deal with any technical issues that might arise. All other information may be obtained at the “help desk” which is in booth D5.

It is expected that attendees will enjoy attending the Expo and exploring the software this year. The average time generally spent at a virtual expo is approximately 102 minutes, according to figures available from industry sources. “We expect to exceed that time,” says Producer Art Lieberman, “since this year the software is extremely ‘user friendly’ and attendees will want to watch a free educational seminar or two, view all the booths and chat with sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and even each other.”

Exhibitors will have accurate information about attendees since the reporting facilities for the event will be accessible to them. When an attendee enters their booth, exhibitors will see a “business card” of the attendee which is assembled from the registration information. The person-to-person contact will be informative for both parties.

After the live portion of the Expo is concluded, exhibitors will have access to all attendance statistics including people, length of visit, webinars attended, etc. An extraordinary amount of information is obtained from a virtual show which is not possible from a physical event.

Advisory Board Plays Key Role

“Once again, the producers are grateful to the members of the advisory board of the Expo. David Gorin for his sage advice, particularly in the marketing of the event, Deb Kohls who once again presided over the webinars, Evanne Schmarder our press agent and publicist, Jim Ganley who gave us advice and contributed his opinions on many issues and Norm Boucher, who gave us a view of the Expo from a retailers point of view,” Lieberman said. “Without these people taking time from their own businesses to assist in the production of the Expo, there would not have been an Expo II.”

“Finally, the producers would like to further salute David Gorin. David, after having participated in last year’s event, devoted himself wholly to this year’s Expo. He committed his funds, his time and a huge amount of effort into the success of the show. Much of the show’s success belongs to David Gorin.”

The Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo II is produced by Art Lieberman and Deanne Bower of Campground Expositions. The producers may be contacted by calling (877) 901-EXPO (3976) or by e-mail at Their website (currently being updated) is Pelland Advertising maintains the Expo’s webpage. Visit Peter’s business at


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