Go RVing Unveils New “AWAY” Campaign for 2012

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Stan Richards

New Go RVing television and print ads were unveiled at the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) National RV Trade Show today (Nov. 29), setting the stage for a reenergized industry effort to grow and expand the RV market.

Built around one simple word, “AWAY,” Go RVing’s new campaign returns to the proven, research-based message that RV vacations allow travelers to do what they love to do with the people who matter most, according to a news release.

“In this campaign,  ‘AWAY’ becomes much more than just a word. It’s also a place and a moment in time,” said Stan Richards, founder and creative principal of The Richards Group, in debuting the ads to industry members during RVIA’s “Outlook 2012: Up & Away” opening breakfast. “ It’s intended to be different for everyone viewing the ads, depending on who they are and what they like to do. An RV can take them there.”

Tom Selleck returns to help RV industry

Launching in February, each ad captures special family moments made possible by traveling in an RV; secondarily, the ads promote the affordability of RVing. The call-to-action tagline, “Find Your AWAY. Go RVing,” invites consumers to envision themselves in their dream setting and to visit to find an RV dealer and the RV that’s right for them.

The emotion-evoking campaign includes three 30-second television spots featuring the return of Tom Selleck as the voiceover talent who made previous Go RVing television spots so memorable. Four new one-and-one-third page print ads and coordinating web banner ads were also produced.

The website is being completely rebuilt utilizing new technology to be much more interactive in nature and echoes the ads’ themes. For the first time, Go RVing will have a mobile-optimized website for Smartphone users

Each TV spot tells the story of an RV getaway, featuring ethnically diverse families, and a variety of RV types and locations.

  • “Within Your Means,” depicts a trip to the beach with Dad, Mom, son, daughter and their dog in a folding camping trailer who meet up with another family in a Classe C.
  • “Closer” tells the story of a family of four enjoying canoeing, hiking and a nighttime campfire in the. Their travel trailer is shown in a campground setting along with a Class B motorhome.
  • The third spot, “Comforts” is about a family’s multi-generational fly-fishing trip. The parents and two sons are travelling in a Class A motorhome, and the grand­parents are in a Fifth-wheel at a scenic campground which also features a travel trailer. After the grandfather teaches the older grandson to tie flies, they enjoy fishing together and the family relaxes around the campfire as the youngest falls asleep in grandmother’s arms.

The four print ads feature a large main photo that pulls the reader into the experience and a smaller panoramic visual focusing on product. Each ad includes the message: What’s your idea of AWAY? Wherever or whatever it is, an RV is the best way to find it on your terms, your timetable, your itinerary. And it’s more affordable than you might think. To learn more, visit Go and see an RV dealer. Find Your AWAY. Go RVing.

The accompanying one-third column page ad showing all RV types that has always been the workhorse of the print campaign will now include a QR code, so consumers can link directly to with their Smartphones

“Magazine readers who scan the Go RVing QR code will be immedi­ately transported to the mobile version of our website where they can find nearby RV dealers, locate a campground, watch free videos and more,” said James Ashurst, RVIA vice president, public relations and advertising. “Consumers now expect instant information and giving them access at their peak moment of interest is also the best time to invite them to supply us with personal data and become leads.”

The all-industry Go RVing Creative Work Group, that participated in campaign development since last February, approved the final ads in November. “Go RVing nailed it again with the new AWAY campaign,” said Lance Wilson, executive director of the Florida RV & Campground Association and workgroup member. BJ Thompson of BJ Thompson Associates said, “Glimpses of RVs in beautiful settings lead to full product reveals which are highly effective. It’s an emotion-filled campaign, and I love it.”

The Go RVing Coalition, formed in 1994, consists of RV manufacturers, component suppliers, dealers and campgrounds. Go RVing works to provide the public and media with pertinent information about the benefits of RV travel. For more information visit


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