Lieberman Promises Landmark Online Expo

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The cover of the Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo II Souvenir Directory sent out to 10,500 e-mail addresses today to promote this week's Expo.

Art Lieberman can’t wait until Thursday.

He is convinced his Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo II will impress the doubters who question the merits of an Internet-based trade show and in the process set some new standards for this industry.

Art Lieberman, Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo II producer

“When that show opens tomorrow, I will be as proud as the dad of a newborn baby,” Lieberman told Woodall’s Campground Management on the eve of the opening day.

After the 2010 inaugural Expo, an event Lieberman concedes was a “debacle,” as just 43% of respondents to a survey said they liked the show, he’s shooting for and expects a much better result.

“I want 80% to say they liked it,” he said. “This time it will happen. We have sent out 60,000 notices to 15,000 people in the outdoor hospitality industry, including campgrounds, ski resorts, marines, golf resorts and dude ranches.” The breakdown includes 11,300 campgrounds, 356 ski resorts and 12 dude ranches.

More than 3,000 e-mails were sent out this month to would-be visitors indicating that they are pre-registered for the show; all they have to do is activate the e-mail, which will take them directly to the show. Click here to register for the Expo.

“I’m hoping for 700 or 800 total attendees and 500 outdoor hospitality businesses, which would be the largest show ever for this industry,” he said.

The 2010 show attracted 1,447 total visits and 497 unique visitors.

Booth displays number 34, down from 46 at the 2010 show. (See graphic at bottom of page.)

Not to worry, says Lieberman, who points out the decline in exhibitors is a reflection of last year’s Expo, not a true measure of this year’s offerings.

He points out that the software designed by VCopious for this year’s Expo is far superior to last year’s provider and will impress visitors.


Some things to look for at this week’s Expo:

  • David Gorin, Expo sponsor, will give a brief welcoming address at the show’s opening at noon.
  • Several webinars are scheduled for the opening day as well as on Friday.
  • Pacific Yurts’ booth resembles an actual yurt.
  • Peter Pelland took a photo of his Pelland Advertising booth at other trade shows and has incorporated it in this week’s show.
  • LCN Outdoors’ booth features a video panning the distributor’s vast inventory.
  • A “buy it now” button is located in some booths that will allow visitors to click on the button and take them directly to the vendor’s website to buy products or services online.
  • Exhibitors as well as visitors will be able to see who’s present in a given booth at all times.
  • Some exhibitors have booked outside conference rooms to give presentations during the Expo.
  • On Friday, Veterans Day, the Expo will pay tribute to the nation’s veterans during a presentation in the lobby.

A souvenir directory was e-mailed to 10,500 recipients this afternoon.

Here is the booth layout for this week's Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo II.


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