Map Muse Notes Location of Military Campgrounds

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Green boxes indicate the location of military campgrounds and RV parks. Map courtesy of Map Muse.

Military campgrounds and military RV parks are recreation sites that are restricted to active and career members of the U.S. military and their families.

They are typically priced lower than non-military facilities, despite offering the same amenities and being location in the same scenic areas. Some campsites may even be discounted as much as 50% compared to local alternatives.

Click here to visit the Map Muse site where the map above is available.

The majority of military campgrounds are located on army, navy, air force and coast guard bases, giving campers access to base facilities (e.g. commissaries and exchanges for shopping, hospitals for injuries and illnesses, etc.). Check out each campground or RV park’s website for more details about amenities, prices, and how to reserve a cabin or lot. Located on military bases, military campgrounds provide an option for many people who want to camp in beautiful areas, but prefer not to pay the prices asked for by private facilities.

Military campgrounds are restricted to career and retired military, disabled veterans, Department of Defense workers and various others connected to active service and their guests. The average soldier who served a short enlistment is not allowed to use the facilities unless invited as a guest. Each campground has slightly different criteria.


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