Unique Camping Settings Worldwide

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Editor’s Note: The following story and photos appear in the November issue of All Campgrounds, a global camping newsletter.

At Waldseilgarten in Bavaria, guests can sleep in their very own portaledge, hanging several meters above the ground (Photo: Waldseilgarten

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to All Campgrounds!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been looking at the best in winter camping and cold weather camping in general.

If you’re ready to come in from the chill, we’ve got something new: international camping news, including a whole slew of wild camping trends you might not be familiar with yet.

These new ideas in tent camping are sweeping the globe, and you might just be inspired.

Extreme Camping in the Trees: Out of Bavaria, famous for its Oktoberfest, comes this awesome concept for extreme camping. During the spring and summer months, campers can dangle several feet over the ground in a portaledge, the kind of self-contained, hanging tent that rock climbers use when they’re out for more than one day at a time. Not quite extreme enough? The next option “up” has you hanging among the cliffs on a platform that can be deployed up to 6,000 feet high. Hope you like heights!

What is it About Camping?: From Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald travel section comes this entertaining anecdote about the challenges and triumphs of camping in Africa. The biggest hurdle? Well, it’s literally the biggest one, as our author finds himself and his fellow tent campers on an “elephant road” out in the middle of the Savannah. Serial Africa adventurer Ben Groundwater tries to put his finger on just what it is that makes camping so appealing, and does a fine job of it, even if you’ve never been so far afield.

Beware the elephant walk ... camping in Africa offers some unique challenges. Photo: Getty Images

Camping in the French Dordogne: France’s Dordogne River region is one of the most beautiful areas of an enchanting country, so it’s no surprise that this lush, picturesque riverside summons tent campers from all over the surrounding nations. There are wonderful offerings at camps all around the shoreline, such as Eurocamp, which includes fun for children and families. Is it any surprise this is one of the most popular destinations in Europe’s growing camping craze? Check out the amazing photographs!

Camping in gardens such as this one in England is a new trend. Picture: Visit Britain Images Source: Supplied

Gardens as Campsites in Europe: Driven by sites like Camp in my Garden, which lists hundreds of private family gardens that are open to camping, explorers are learning about local communities in Europe by taking up the offer to camp right outside a residence. This may seem outlandish to North Americans, but remember that tending a beloved garden is one of the most important and routine parts of life for many Europeans, especially the British. You can avoid camping fees and get a dose of local color by checking out garden camping; just don’t plan to stay too long.


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