Developer of New Pensacola Area RV Park Eyes Jan. 8 Opening

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Site plan for the new Saint Rosa Sound RV Resort, Navarra, Fla.

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Early next month a new RV resort will open in Navarre, Fla., creating at least six new jobs and giving tourists another reason to visit south Santa Rosa County.

Despite the economic growth, some locals are worried the project will damage the area’s “natural” look, WEAR-TV, Pensacola, reported.

I guess it depends on who you ask.

Project managers here at the new Saint Rosa Sound RV Resort say this development is a great fit for Navarre.

There’s room for 88 RVs plus a fitness facility and a pool.

But some locals are afraid this project will further block the view of the water.

Lawana Jones has called Navarre home for 20 years.

There are several reasons why she wants to call Navarre home for another 20.

“Peace. Tranquility. That’s what this area is. I’ve been here 20 years and there’s nothing like a day like this,” she said.

Jones admits she had mixed emotions when she heard this stretch of soundside property would soon be transformed into an RV Resort.

“We own a small business and anything is welcomed but there’s a price you pay and I think it’s the beauty of the water,” she said.

And she is not alone.

Theresa Lancaster doesn’t like the new development sand said, “I don’t think it’s particularly a good spot for it. I know it’s good for jobs but it’s not very nice to look at.”

But project managers with the Saint Rosa Sound RV Resort say there’s no need for the concern.

The property has been designed to have open sight lines for people passing by.

Jinks Dupre, park manager, said, “You will be able to see through the rigs out to the water when you’re coming down 87. We left all of that land down there open so you could see through to the water. There will be nothing parked down there.”

Dupre says there will not be any kind of large fence placed between 98 and the vacationing RVers.

And she says guests will not be allowed to permanently live here so there will be many days when these RV spots sit empty.

And Dupre says this property is more open now than it was before construction began because so many dead trees had to be removed.

Despite all that, some say they’re concerned because some change can’t be undone.

Jones said, “We can do a lot of things but once it’s messed up, it’s over.”

Crews are putting the finishing touches on this resort and it should be opened by Jan. 8.

The property owner says this is a good compromise because originally he looked at building a condo here and that would have really blocked the view for drivers.


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