Rhode Island Campground’s Future under Debate

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Fort Getty Campground, Jamestown, R.I.

Questions and concerns about the purpose of an upcoming work session to discuss Fort Getty in Jamestown, R.I., sparked plenty of heat – if not much light – during this week’s Town Council meeting.

The discord was driven by fears that the council plans to use the work session to permanently allocate most of the land at Jamestown’s only town park to the RV campground, although a number of councilors denied that this was their intent, The Jamestown Press reported.

The most frequently repeated argument in support of the RV campground is its income generation, which was $280,000 in fiscal year 2010-11. A related argument, which was mentioned in a public comment during this week’s meeting, is that the Fort Getty revenue supports the Parks and Recreation Department, which would require town funding to remain in operation, a resident warned, if Fort Getty revenue disappears. (In fact, none of the Fort Getty revenue directly funds the rec department because all of the park fees are deposited in the general fund.)

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