RV Park Planned for Former Condo Development

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An RV park is planned for a property in Mesquite, Nev., formerly targeted for a condominium development. According to a report in the Mesquite Citizen Journal, the condos have sat vacant since the real estate market collapsed.

In July, the owners went before city council to request a zone change of the 5.58 acres from medium density housing to an RV park with condominiums. The present company, owned by Michael and Lori Black, will turn the vacant condos into vacation rentals and the remainder of the property into a high-end RV park.

“The RV park will have a deluxe club house complete with pool table,” said Warren Little, manager of the Beaver Dam Hotel. “The prices are very reasonable and will be $39 per day, $200 per week, and $550 monthly for the RV park. That will include power, water and sewer. Cable TV and wi-fi Internet access will also be available. Included in the rental will be a 2 for 1 golf special at the Beaver Dam Golf course.”

The owners of the RV park also own the Beaver Dam Hotel and golf course and will promote both locations to visitors. In addition, Black said the company is applying for a zoning permit to build another RV park in Scenic but that project will be a year away.

“It is all about location, location, location,” said Lori Black. “Mesquite is a great location and our RV park has the best location in this city. We have spent a lot of time and effort on this project and have contacted over 70 web sites catering to the RV community enticing them to come to Mesquite. We will have a beautiful RV park to capture that business.”

There are two other RV parks in town, one located at the shuttered Oasis Casino and the new Solstice RV park. “We are not competing with them directly,” said Little. “Our location is so much better that visitors will see it is the best choice. The problem with Solstice is it is too much out of the way to be a good place to visit Mesquite.”

The RV park is planned to be open and ready for business this month.


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