Revisiting Flooded Larson’s Landing RV Park

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For years Larson’s Landing RV Park in Yankton, S.D., has been home to several families living in mobile units and RV’s but the 2011 Siouxland flood has forever changed things there physically, financially and emotionally, KCAU-TV, Sioux City, Iowa, reported.

What was once filled with about 22 sinking mobile homes and flood water from the Missouri River is now filled with nothing but sand. A harsh reality for the people that once lived there and the people that helped create it.

“Once the water went down, it was pretty devastating. I mean it was just so ugly,” said Linda Larson, the owner of Larson’s Landing RV Park.

But Larson says the unsightly appearance of her pride and joy is only half of her troubles. After the flood, FEMA made most of her property a flood plain, meaning mobile homes will no longer be allowed at the park just RVs. So from now on, this place will be a summer park and that has added up to a loss of half a million dollars.

Larson says, “It was a lot of money because actually we had to pay campers back that are not coming back so it was six figures and then paid them back.”

And it should be noted that Larson, too, lost her home in the process. While she’s moved on for the most part outside of the flood plain and inside a bigger, nicer home, she’s another account of the thousands of lives this summer’s flooding has changed forever.

So while it’ll be slightly different than before, Larson says she and her husband expect to have the place fixed up by July 1 and they will celebrate with a grand reopening.


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