Equestrian Campers May Get Break in Florida City

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Equestrians might be a step closer to legally keeping occupied recreational vehicles on their properties in Wellington, Fla., during their sport’s season.

The Village Council on Tuesday (Jan. 10) voted to have Wellington’s Equestrian Preserve Committee build on recommendations village staff made for changing local codes to allow RVs as temporary residences during the equestrian season, The Palm Beach Post News reported.

The Village of Wellington is known for its equestrian community and has hosted equestrian and polo events. It is host to both the Winter Equestrian Festival and over 40 weeks of equestrian competitions per year. A new expansion includes the Global Dressage Festival.

The committee’s recommendations, along with those of Wellington’s Planning Zoning and Adjustment Board, will come back to the Village Council.

In the meantime, properties following staff’s suggestion won’t be held at fault: one RV on lots up to 10 acres, two on lots between 10.01 and 15 acres, three on lots between 15.01 and 20 acres and four on lots larger than 20.01 acres.

Current codes don’t let people live in RVs on individual lots.

Despite that, they are spread throughout the Equestrian Preserve.

“They are part of the equestrian lifestyle,” Mayor Pro Tem Carmine Priore said during Monday’s agenda review. “That is the way they live.”

But Councilwoman Anne Gerwig was less forgiving. She cast tonight’s sole dissenting vote.

Equestrians should build groom’s quarters if they want a place for their workers to live, Gerwig said.

She advocated for a sunset period that would give time for riders to construct groom’s quarters.

That didn’t sit well with Councilman Howard Coates: “The last thing I want to do is put a capital obligation on the small farms.”

That’s irrelevant, Gerwig countered. “What’s been happening has never been allowed.”

Most members of the equestrian community have made it clear they do not support an RV park, but they do want to be able to continue letting their workers live in RVs.


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