RV Park and Campground Briefs

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From the Helena Independent Record:

Following a long night of battling floodwaters, Townsend, Mont., officials had a calmer time Sunday (Jan. 22) but continued to assess the situation and offer assistance to residents.

The flooding, caused by an ice jam on the Missouri River, overtook many camping sites and low-lying areas near Townsend.

Indian Creek Campground remains closed and under three to four feet of water. The ice jam that broke loose has piled itself on the east side of the Missouri River and has forced the water out of the river channel into the flood plain.

Until the ice jam breaks up, it is likely the Indian Creek Campground and nearby Centerville Lane will be under water.

Officials have closed access to Cottonwood Campground, a popular site in the Canyon Ferry Wildlife Preserve. The road into the campground and surrounding area is under water as well.

“Water seems to be flowing in an easterly to northeasterly direction,” said Dana Rauser, Broadwater County road and bridge director.

An office building for state Fish, Wildlife and Parks may have sustained damage, but officials said there is no access on Centerville Lane in order to assess the impact.


From the Huff Post:

A Yosemite National Park employee has died after strong winds uprooted a huge tree that fell on his tent cabin.

Park spokesman Scott Gediman says 27-year-old Ryan Hiller, of Chapel Hill, N.C., was killed Saturday (Jan. 21) by a branch from the tree. Hiller worked as a park ranger during busy periods, but had been working as a park concessioner and stayed in the Yosemite Valley stable complex as he waited for the winter ski season.

The strong gusts were part of a winter storm sweeping across Northern California over the weekend.

Gedimane says rain fell on the park and winds knocked down many large trees, but no other injuries have been reported.


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