South Texas City Welcomes RV Park Expansions

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Construction is underway on three projects in Beeville, Texas, that could bring at least 200 recreational vehicles to town.

The largest and most impressive project is located on an expansive property on the city’s east side near the old railroad right-of-way, between North Archer Street on the west and the U.S. 181 Bypass on the east, the Beeville Bee-Picayune reported.

RV park development in this south Texas city of 13,000 is being fueled by oil and gas exploration.

The project, which goes by the name Amistad, will provide as many as 60 new RV spaces in the first phase and the same number in the second phase.

Rene Basaldua, who was overseeing construction of two permanent buildings on the site Monday, said his brother, Roy Basaldua, owns the construction company working on the facility.

Southern Duval Construction is working on foundations for buildings that will house an office and other amenities for the complex.

City Building Inspector Lanny Holland said the facility is being built for Diana Endsley, an investor from San Marcos.

The developer plans to spend $140,000 on the project.

The South Tyler Mobile Home Park located between that street and East Dolan Street, is expanding its facilities.

Plans are to put in 38 RV sites and an additional five mobile home sites.

Some clearing work has been done on another RV park on South Lightburne Street.

Holland said Realmark Enterprises, owned by Houston resident Mark Saldivar, will create an unknown number of RV sites.

The building inspector said there are few details on the scope of that project at this time.

Holland expects to be issuing a building permit for that project within months. He did not yet have spending figures on the Tyler and Lightburne Street projects.


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