Club Car Launches 19-mph Kits for Gasoline Golf Cars

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Residents of RV parks and campgrounds often travel long distances in their gasoline-powered golf cars in a single day. Many want a bit more pep than the standard 13-mph maximum speed most golf cars deliver.

“To meet the needs of these customers, Club Car Inc. has launched a new 19-mph upgrade known as the Xcelerator for its gasoline golf cars, creating the only factory-authorized upgrade for Club Car vehicles on the market,” says Mary A. Sicard, Club Car’s consumer marketing manager for the August, Ga.-based manufacturer. “These kits allow users to purchase new 19-mph vehicles or affordably upgrade their vehicles, without sacrificing performance.”

According to a news release, the Xcelerator is designed and manufactured by Club Car for installation on new or existing vehicles. The product is sold as:

  • The Xcelerator Option, designed for factory installation on new gasoline golf cars.
  • The Xcelerator Clutch Kit, designed for field installation on existing gasoline vehicles.

These all-inclusive kits feature a drive clutch, driven clutch, CVT belt, accelerator cable and associated hardware. When used on Precedents, they also include a heat shield, which is already integrated into the DS Player.

Affordably Upgrades All New and Most Used Golf Cars

Xcelerator kits can be used on all new and most used Club Car gas golf cars. They are engineered to:

  • Fit all new two- and four-passenger Club Car gasoline-powered golf cars.
  • Fit all two- and four-passenger Precedents and DS Players manufactured since the introduction of unitized powertrains in 1996.

The kits are affordably priced at:

  • Factory-installed Xcelerator Option MSRP: $350
  • Field-installed Xcelerator Clutch Kit MSRP: $584
  • Easier Installation and Improved Performance

The Xcelerator significantly outperforms the gear set options manufactured by aftermarket suppliers. These products are difficult to install, reduce torque, impair hill-climbing ability and void the warranty.

Xcelerator kits are much easier to install than the gear-set kits. Users who test drove vehicles with Club Car’s Xcelerator noted improved hill-climbing speed compared to current aftermarket installations with gear set upgrades.

The Xcelerator does not meet the speed requirements for (American National Standards Institute (ANSI) use on golf courses, which specifies a speed of less than 15 mph. Two-passenger vehicles manufactured or retrofitted with the Xcelerator will bear a decal to that effect.

Xcelerators are sold through Club Car’s worldwide network of dealers and distributors. To find an Authorized Club Car Dealer near you, visit and select “Dealer Locator.”


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