CRS Extends Offerings for Pools and Aqua Zones

February 20, 2012 by   - () Comments Off on CRS Extends Offerings for Pools and Aqua Zones

Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) has expanded its pool and waterfront line to meet a wider range of clients’ needs, according to CRS founder and president Ron Romens.

Offering a mix of Wibit and Aqualide products, including both smaller stand-alone products designed for pools or small ponds as well as large-footprint, fully configured floating activity zones, allows CRS to uniquely meet the entire spectrum of water-based recreation needs.

CRS also assists clients in planning how different components from multiple vendors can work together to create an exciting new activity or waterfront area that will help boost attendance and revenue.

As the U.S. authorized Wibit distributor, CRS now offers the new Wibit+ products along with two new Wibit Sports Parks. These include some of the 15 stand-alone Wibit+ items that can be purchased individually, or combined with other components to create a new waterfront activity area or enhance an existing aquatic playground.

Romens explained, “For clients with large-scale settings, Wibit Sports Park 60+ accommodates up to 60 guests at once, on a circuit integrating over 20 modular pieces and seven independent components.”

He continued, “Clients with pools or smaller water venues can benefit from the Wibit+ Floating Volley, Splasher or Kayak Polo, as well as the Aquaglide Freefall 6 inflatable slide and Splashmat.”

Splashmat is perhaps the most versatile addition to any pool or waterfront as it allows guests to literally walk on water. This floating magic carpet can be used as a “slip and slide” type of water activity, a wrestling mat, a stage for dance contests and other competitions, or even as a way to connect other Aquaglide products. It is also lightweight and convenient to transport, weighing in at only 49 pounds and with a storage box sized at just 21 inches x 15 inches by 15 inches.

Commercial Recreation Specialists is headquartered in Verona, Wis., with representatives in New Jersey, and serves customers across the United States and the Caribbean.


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