RV Park and Campground Briefs

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From KMAS Radio, Shelton:

Bob and Karen Pauly, the Seal Rock Campground hosts in the Hood Canal Ranger District of The Olympic National Forest, were recognized last week as Volunteer Campground Hosts of The year by the U.S. Forest Service.

When asked about some of the little things they do to make camping at Seal Rock trouble-free for their guests, Karen explained, “Our RV is parked as you come down the road to the registration area and we try and make a point to wave at everyone and welcome them as well as when they leave and we try to make Saturday night a family night. We go around and do some special things at the campsite for the kids and even the pets and … we tell everyone if you need something, we got it.”

The Paulys say they love the forest and plan to be back at the Seal Rock campgrounds when it opens this spring.


From the Heber Springs Sun-Times:

A local organization called the Ozark Rivers Heritage Foundation (ORHF) was credited with coming forward and interceding on behalf of Army Corps of Engineers facilities around Beaver Lake and keeping them from being closed or services curtailed.

The ORHF enters into cooperative agreements with the Corps to help fund park recreational facilities. According to their website, ORHF “is financed through product sales, fees, and donations.” The organization then uses that money to help maintain and enhance parks owned by the corps.

Corps Public Affairs Specialist Laurie T. Driver stated that the Corps would love to see local organizations such as these grow and continue to help make the park system a viable tourism destination.

Her comments came at a Feb. 9 meeting where residents discussed the impact of closing campgrounds on local business and tourism. According to information available at the meeting, other changes are being proposed on top of possible closings. These include a reduction of summer park ranger hours from 40 to 24 hours per week, a reduction of attendant contracts and a reduction in other park services.

When asked about the selection of certain sites to close, Driver said that the proposed site closings were for those sites on Greers Ferry Lake that saw little to no use. Closing these sites shouldn’t have much of an impact since they are rarely if ever used during the tourist season. Many of these sites are in older, less developed wooded areas and in areas that are frequently closed due to flooding. She also stated that opening areas to private concessionaires is an idea they may be willing to look at in the future.


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