‘Winter Texans’ Celebrate ‘Canada Day’

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“Mr. Canada” wore a white suit, red shirt and a tall hat with a maple leaf on it and beat a drum Friday (Feb. 3) as he led several Winter Texans donning Canada-themed shirts through the recreation hall at El Valle del Sol RV Park in Mission, Texas.

The procession of “Mr. Canada,” a Winter Texan named Paul Dewar, and many other Canadian Winter Texans marked the beginning of the Canada Day, a celebration for the residents of the El Valle del Sol and El Valle de la Luna RV parks, The Monitor reported.

Although the event is five months before the holiday Canada Day, it gives the Canadian winter residents of the parks a chance to perform for their neighbors.

“It’s just to entertain our American friends,” said Geriann Gillier, an Ontario native and one of the event’s organizers.

Gillier estimated that 125 to 130 Canadians live in the sister RV parks. She said she also teaches the “American friends” about Canada.

“It’s surprising how little they know about us and, we’re their neighbors,” she said, referring to the proximity between the United States and Canada.

The Canadians worked to teach their fellow Winter Texans in an interesting and funny way, singing Canadian songs and performing skits to the crowd of about 300 people. Performers also sang the U. S., Canadian and Mexican national anthems.

The non-Canadians in the audience clapped for the performances and praised their Canadian Winter Texans.

“We’ve met quite a few Canadians down here and we’ve really enjoyed them,” said Peggy Card, a Winter Texan from Arkansas.

While waiting for the event to begin, Darrell Tufto, who is from Minnesota, said he was expecting a good and entertaining show.

“(Canadians are) very sociable people and they’re good entertainers,” he said. “They like to have fun and they like to see the people around them have fun.”


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