British Columbia Music Fest Opens More Camping Sites

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With the recent announcement of the Merritt Mountain Music Festival lineup in Merritt, British Columbia, Nicola Valley residents can rest assured that summer is finally approaching and it is with ferocious drive that the festival continues to bring out top names, the Merritt Herald reported.

On July 19, the crowds are expected to gather for the event that has helped put Merritt on the music map.

The price for admission is considered high by many people, and crowds keep dwindling at the fest, despite reopening Campground ‘C’ last year.

The campground has been the site in the past to countless drunken hoards, and organizers reopened the infamous tent city last year after a brief hiatus, in hopes of boosting attendance.

Campsite ‘C’ was opened to help draw in more younger crowds.

The option is free, unlike camping in other areas of the Mountainfest site.

However, cold weather and a flood likely contributed to a lower turnout than anticipated.

Campground ‘C’ caters to 300 campsites. The entire grounds has about 3,000 spots available.

Last year, attendees were limited to a 2 a.m. curfew, but there’s no word on whether this will be enforced again this year.

In past years, security has turned their heads to people out past 2 a.m., as long as they weren’t causing problems.

Good on the organizers for reopening the campground. The more people who attend Mountainfest, the more people there will be spending money in town and helping the local economy.

People are allowed to camp-out four days in advance to wait for the site to open.

This stretches the economic boom that Merritt experiences during this time of year, particularly at local liquor and grocery stores.

General admission for the four-day event is $185 if you buy before June 30 and $197 after July 1. Single day tickets cost $80 before July and $100 during. For reserved seats, people can pay $375 for rows 1-5, $325 for 6-13 and $275 for 14-26.

This year’s lineup includes Gord Bamford, Creedence Clearwater Revisited, Gary Allan, Hey Romeo, Tonya Kennedy, Stacey McKitrick, Coty Hawthorne, Steve Gibson, Dave St. Germain, Charlotte Fisher, Blake Havard, The Matinee, The Steel Toe Boots, Outlaws, Alanna and Brianne, Brent Lee, Christina Jean, Dixon Road, The Jardines, Carli and Julie Kennedy, Lisa Nicole, Smith and Jones, Stonebolt and the Washboard Union.


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