Canadian Town Leery of RV Park Proposal

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White areas with blue connecting roads mark the proposed locations of RV camping in the Shuswap Golf & RV in Salmon Arm, British Columbia.

The city council in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, has temporarily put the brakes on an official community plan (OCP) amendment that would allow a year-round recreational vehicle park at Club Shuswap Golf & RV.

The proposed OCP amendment came to the council for first and second reading, but the council chose only to give first reading, the Salmon Arm Observer reported.

The purpose of the application is to allow portions of the property to be developed into a bare-land strata recreational vehicle park that would allow for year-round occupancy. This was one of the issues the planning staff has with the application.

City planning and development director Corey Paiement said residences are expected to be built to the requirements of the British Columbia Building Code; RVs and park models are not.

The second issue is that the city’s Greenways plan identifies trails along the east and south boundaries of the property that would be in conflict with a golf course.

Paiement noted alternative routes could be identified, or the developer may be encouraged to provide a cash contribution to enhance trails elsewhere.

A third issue is that the city and the Ministry of Transportation have requested a traffic impact analysis, which isn’t expected to be completed until the end of March, after the public hearing which was initially slated for March 26. That date will now be pushed ahead to allow for second reading.

“I would like to have all the information available for the people at the public hearing,” commented Councillor Chad Eliason.

“I think the traffic impact analysis, especially for the parents of the children living around there, and seeing these vehicles entering their neighborhood to and from, would like to see it as well. I don’t think it would be fair to do it without a traffic impact analysis.”

Eliason also said he would be looking into CSA standards relating to RVs and park models, stating he isn’t comfortable with the proposed year-round living concept. He also asked the planning staff for a comparison of municipal taxation on a strata park lot versus an RV park lot versus a single family dwelling.



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