Holly Shores Owners Attend ‘Destination Bootcamp’

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David and Maggy Robinson, owners of Holly Shores Camping Resort, Cape May, N.H., attended a Colorado-based business improvement “Destination Bootcamp,” where they learned hundreds of new methods to bring more customers and tourists to Cape May.

Holly Shores is the first campground from New Jersey ever to attend the “Destination Bootcamp,” a 2 1/2-day, 20-hour workshop, according to a news release.

“Destination Bootcamp,” created by marketing consultant Jon Schallert, teaches independent business owners  how to reposition their businesses as “consumer destinations.” According to Schallert, a business using his “Destination Business” strategies can compete effectively with superstores like Walmart and Home Depot, and significantly impact a local community. According to Schallert, it is not uncommon for destination businesses to create change in an entire city, by drawing consumers from miles around, from outside the immediate marketplace of a community.

“With the principles we learned at the Bootcamp, we will be able to satisfy more of our guests’ needs; making for a much more enjoyable, fun experience for the whole family,” said David Robinson. “Additionally, we will be attracting more visitors and tourists from outside Cape May. With what we’ve learned, there’s no reason we can’t attract campers from hundreds of miles away.”

Holly Shores opened its doors in the early 1970s. In 1999 the founding family sold the park to the Robinsons. Since that time, the Robinsons have focused on improving all the facilities and amenities of the campground. Holly Shores is now “NJ’s Top Rated Park” by Trailer Life Directory and has 5 Stars by Woodall’s North American Camping Directory. In 2009, they were honored as the Large Park of the Year by the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC). Other awards include “Best of Cape May.Com 2010” and “Best Family Oriented Campground,” Frommer’s Travel Guides.

About “Destination BootCamp”

Schallert’s Destination Business BootCamp is held in Colorado three times annually. Schallert has worked with independent business owners since 1983, speaks to thousands every year, and is the president of The Schallert Group Inc., Longmont, Colo. Business owners interested in attending may contact David and Maggy Robinson at (609) 886-1234 for more info on their BootCamp experience or visit Schallert’s website at



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