RMS North America Gains Traction in Campground Market

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Before she was tapped by an investor group to manage Sun Country Resort in Whitney, Texas, last December, Pamela Wright had developed specialized expertise in the campground business, managing the front desk, housekeeping and marketing operations of 13 different private parks during the past eight years.

But it wasn’t until recently that she discovered RMS North America’s front desk management system. The system, which was publicly introduced to campground operators during ARVC’s Outdoor Hospitality Convention and Expo in Savannah, Ga., enables her to manage every campground task from housekeeping to online reservations and marketing using a single, easy-to-use cloud-based program.

“I had looked at several different options because we are looking at putting in a number of cabins,” Wright said. The RMS system was attractive to her, she said, because it has a housekeeping module that gives her the ability to monitor which rooms need cleaning and which need attention at any given time, just like a hotel.

The RMS system also gives her the ability to categorize guest data for marketing purposes.

“In my personal opinion,” she said, “90 percent of the reservation software out there does the job of taking reservations and putting it into a database. The difference for me is to be able to pull it out to do marketing. The RMS system makes it easy for me to find out who is coming from which areas. So when I do direct mail or radio, I know which markets I really need to target.”

With other front desk management systems, Wright has had to call the companies that provided the programs and ask them to configure the data she needed and pay the programmer a separate fee to produce the reports.

With the RMS system, Wright can create these reports herself, whenever she wants and at no extra charge. She can even use the system to send out automatic emails to guests for targeted marketing or surveying purposes.

Greg Sidoroff, vice president of operations for Sunland RV Resorts, echoes Wright’s comments when asked about his use of the software for his collection of seven parks. “With our old system, getting information out of it was a nightmare,” he said. “We really enjoy the custom reporting capabilities and the data exporting capabilities. But what really saves me time is the ability to run reports based upon one park, multiple parks or all parks. That is a significant time saver for me.”

But even when it comes to reservation management, the RMS system is light years ahead of its competitors, he said. Sidoroff knows from first-hand experience because he was involved in an extensive research effort to find a product, which could meet Sunland’s diverse and demanding needs. “For us, with multiple property considerations, diverse property level functionality, and consolidated reporting needs, nothing compared to RMS.”

Sidoroff said he has found agreement from his peers who also utilize the robust features of the RMS North America product.

“It provides online booking. It’s real time. It doesn’t use an online request form,” said Kathleen Walsh, general manager of Castaways RV Resort & Campground, a 328-site park in Berlin, Md. “It also does dynamic pricing. You can set it up in advance so that if you are at certain occupancy or higher, it will (automatically) raise your prices. Or, if you are at a certain occupancy or lower, it will lower your prices. Or, it can adjust your prices based upon lead time of the booking.”

Walsh also likes the RMS system’s ability to send out email surveys to guests after they check out, just like a major hotel chain. The system also enables her to manage her point-of-sale transactions from her park’s store, deli and bar.

And because RMS is a cloud-based system, it can be accessed from any computer, anywhere where Internet service is available. “With the data on the cloud, it’s fast,” she said. “The age and memory of your (park’s) computer system doesn’t matter.”

With over 25 years of experience behind it, the RMS system is currently used by more than 3,000 RV resorts, campgrounds, marinas and hotels outside the U.S. The system has been customized for use by the North American campground industry during the past two years.

Reza Paydar, president and CEO of La Jolla, Calif.-based Sunland RV Resorts, was so impressed with the system’s capabilities and performance that he set up RMS North America to license and market the RMS system to campground, RV park and resort operators throughout North America.

“Nobody else has any technology like this in North America,” he said, adding that private park operators who use it are as impressed with its capabilities as they are with its ease of use.

“The genius of this system is its simplicity,” Paydar said. “Anybody can use it. This is a cloud-based program. It doesn’t require any special computers or phone system. If you don’t have cable Internet, it can work on Wi-Fi. It’s a very simple system to integrate and set up.”

It’s also affordable.

RMS North America charges parks $150 per month to use the system, plus $3 for each online reservation made with the system. No long-term commitments are required. The company also offers a “Seasonal Program” for smaller seasonal parks, which takes into account the fact they have more limited demand. Parks are simply invoiced once a month for their use of the system.

“With most of the reservation systems today, park owners have to wait three to eight weeks to get their money from online reservations,” Paydar said. “With the RMS system, parks get their money right away. It goes right to their account and it’s fully PCI compliant.”

The RMS system is being showcased at several industry trade shows this spring, including the Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners – March 16-17; Colorado Campground and Lodging Owners Association – March 20-21; Northeast Campground Association – March 23-24; ARVC Michigan – March 27-28; Arizona Outdoor Conference – April 25-26.

For more information about the RMS system, visit or call (888) 802-5827 to request a demonstration.



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