‘RV Cooking Show’ Explores Maryland’s Eastern Shore

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Maryland park welcomes all visitors.

A visit to Maryland’s Eastern Shore and Holiday Park Campground inspired the RV Cooking Show crew to create an easy, delicious low country shrimp boil.

Who knew fun tasted so good…get ready to rock your taste buds, host Evanne Schmarder writes in a press release promoting her latest show.

She adds, “With springtime just a couple days away, my traveling ambitions are once again beginning to stir. I’m starting to eye the atlas with intent, tracing my finger along northern roads that offer warm weather excursions, dreaming of sparkling blue water and dabbling in menus that are quick, easy, healthy and delicious.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Maryland’s Eastern Shore and enjoy the hospitality of my friends Russ, Jill and Ann at Holiday Park Campground in Greensboro. As we left the hustle-bustle of the city towards the shore, the drive lulled me and I was enjoying every single mile. Talk naturally turned to food – glorious, farm-fresh flavors – as we passed plentiful produce stands and rows and rows of corn.

Being surrounded by the bountiful Chesapeake Bay made this recipe a natural for our visit: Maryland Eastern Shore Low Country Shrimp Boil. In this RV TV episode, you’ll learn about many places to visit during your stay on the Eastern Shore plus see how simple a low country boil is to prepare and how fun it is to share.

And just in case you want to give this recipe a try before picnic-table weather arrives, cover your kitchen table with an outdoor red checkered tablecloth and butcher paper, set out some cool drinks in summer-color cups and a great big roll of paper towels, invite a few friends over, crank up your favorite summertime tunes and have a ball. After all, practice makes perfect, right?

Holiday Park welcomes campers of all ages.”

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