RV Owners Survey Damage at Missouri Campground

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A few owners went to the Castaway Campground near Lebanon, Mo., to begin to survey the damage to their RV trailers Thursday (March 1), even as hundreds of people were celebrating the opening day of trout season just 10 miles down the road.

Jim Wissler, of Fenton, said he had kept a trailer at a campground just outside Lebanon for 12 years. This summer he got a new one.

“I put the new one in and ‘Boom!’” Wissler said, looking at his trailer, now more of a pile of aluminum and fiberboard than a structure, the Springfield News-Leader reported.

Wissler, along with fellow RV trailer owner Rodger Martin, was examining trailers in an area just west of Lebanon along Missouri 64, where Tuesday night’s storm and tornado damaged trailers for recreational vehicles and businesses. Wissler said he was still waiting for an insurance adjustor to arrive.

Around the two men sat trailers that had been blown open, had fallen on their sides or — in at least two cases — were completely upside down.

Wissler said the fact that the storm had happened on Leap Day likely saved many lives. If March 1, the opening day of trout season, had come a day earlier, RVs and hotels in the area would have been occupied to capacity.

Martin said that after he found out about the tornadoes Wednesday, he drove from South Padre Island in Texas where he spends winters. Upon arriving, Martin found his trailer unscathed by the twister.

“There’s plenty of people in trailer homes who are hurting more than we are,” Wissler said.


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