RV Park and Campground Briefs

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From The Leader & Kalkaskian, Kalkaska:

Less than average snowfall, unseasonably high-temperature weather, and early meltage, along with downed trees, branches and other debris from snowstorms earlier this year, are contributing factors toward elevated fire danger this spring and possibly this summer in many parts of Michigan.

One result of below average snowfall is a lack of “snow pack,” which serves to mat down dead vegetation from the previous year, making it more difficult to catch fire and spread, said Steve Cameron, forest fire officer at the Kalkaska County Department of Natural Resources Field Office. Because the state did not receive much snow pack, there still is a lot of dead vegetation still standing.

While above average temperatures presented multiple causes for concern, they also have caused green vegetation to begin growing earlier as well, which makes it difficult for fires to spread, Cameron said. If the area is faced with an early summer, however, he said the foliage that is green now could dry up and pose a threat later in the year.

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From The Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch:

The Sleepy Eye City Council has approved two sportsman’s cabins to be built in Sportsman’s Park just to the east of campsite number 16.

The cabins each will be 12 feet by 24 feet with the 12-foot side facing south, looking toward Sleepy Eye Lake, located in the southwest portion of the state. They will each have two rooms, with one of the room’s area being an 8-foot-by-12-foot screen/sun porch.

The interior of the cabins will be a knotty pine finish. The handicap accessible cabin will sleep five and the non-handicap accessible cabin will sleep six.

Each will have an area with a table and two benches for seating for an eating area. Cooking will be limited to crockpots and coffee pots. There will be electricity but no running water or bathroom. Renters will have access to the bathroom facility at the park.

Currently there are cabins similar to the Sportsman’s Park planned cabins at Flandrau State Park in New Ulm which rent for $50/night. Rental pricing for Sleepy Eye’s is yet to be determined, but they will be available for rent year-round.

The cabins will be built locally by the Sleepy Eye Park and Rec Department with a budget not to exceed $40,000 for both and will be started as soon as possible.


From the North Jefferson News, Gardendale:

A small lot for camping in recreational vehicles is included in a master plan for city parks in Gardendale, with provisions for meeting the growing demand for additional softball, baseball and soccer fields, as well as indoor sports.

It’s an ambitious plan, according to Parks and Recreation Director Stan Hogeland.

“We haven’t had a plan like this done since the 1970s,” Hogeland said. “With this plan done, it gives us a road map for the future for when the economy gets better and we’re able to do some of these things, we know what we can do.”



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