Oregon RV Park Residents Move RVs Away from Flood Zone

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Editor’s Note: The following story is courtesy of and pertains to an RV park near Cave Junction, Ore., in the southwest corner of the state that was flooded on Friday (March 30). The writer consistently referred to RVs as “mobile homes” in the original story. The story has been revised for WCM readers’ convenience. 

Some residents of the Mountain Man RV Park in Cave Junction moved their to higher ground on Friday because of rising floodwaters from a nearby river. Managers knew a flood was coming Friday morning and helped residents move their RVs away from the river.

Resident Todd Young says water from a nearby river overflowed into the area.

“Yesterday we had a river running through here. The water was moving pretty fast,” he said.

About eight residents who lived near the river moved their trailers to higher ground. Other residents say they were not worried.

“It wasn’t threatening to us because the water didn’t come near us,” Young said.

Residents and park employees say the center of the RV park was under two feet of water. Most of the flood was gone by the evening and managers say there was no significant damage to the park or any of the trailer homes.

Owner Lyle Schwope says floods are common. However, this is the first time water has been this high in March.

“The worst one we had was in 2005 when water flooded most of the park. It carried some picnic tables into the river,” he said.

Schwope says this is the second time the park has flooded this year. He says all of the residents will return to their original RV spots by Monday.






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